Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 29.8.2021

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:57:27 Conor Oberst Souled Out!!! 03m:28s
23:57:20 Hertz 87.9 ID Bodi Bill 00m:07s
23:53:39 Jonas Alaska October 03m:41s
23:50:36 Rejoicer Purple T-shirts 03m:12s
23:50:11 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID Die richtigen Fragen 00m:25s
23:46:09 Nasty King Kurl Kimat 04m:05s
23:43:26 Vök Breaking Bones 02m:46s
23:38:05 The Notwist The incredible change of our a 05m:23s
23:33:26 Herbie Hancock The Essence ( LTJ RMX) 04m:40s
23:31:09 Jose Gonzales Stay In The Shade 02m:20s
23:30:39 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Webseite (Computerfreak) 00m:30s
23:26:57 Cold Specks Wild Card 03m:45s
23:20:42 Auf Dem Weg Ins Kaufhaus Erled Nester 06m:17s
23:20:34 Hertz 87.9 ID Robert Fisher 00m:08s
23:18:01 Dawa If You return 02m:33s
23:12:32 Web Web x Max Herre Satori Ways (feat. Brandee Younger) 05m:36s
23:11:55 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Unsere Telefonnummer 00m:37s
23:04:26 N.O.I.A. Stranger In A Strange Land 07m:30s
23:01:54 Shannon Wright Everybodys Got Their Own Part 02m:37s
23:01:36 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 23 Uhr Hard Day Käfer 00m:19s
23:01:18 Hertz 87.9 Jingle HertzKlopfen Ende 00m:18s
22:58:20 Xiu Xiu A Bottle of Rum 03m:09s
22:54:21 Postcards Flying Saucers (Live - Acoustic) 04m:01s
22:51:04 Wilco Someone To Lose 03m:18s
22:45:50 Bright Eyes Milk Thistle 05m:16s
22:42:32 Skeleten Mirrored 03m:29s
22:38:45 Beirut Nantes 03m:49s
22:38:28 Hertz 87.9 Jingle HertzKlopfen Mitte 00m:20s
22:34:29 Alex Lloyd Lucky Star 03m:59s
22:29:50 Marius Ziska Gódvarin Mynd 04m:48s
22:27:06 Cat Stevens Moonshadow 02m:49s
22:20:55 Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile Over Everything 06m:15s
22:20:38 Hertz 87.9 Jingle HertzKlopfen Mitte 00m:20s
22:16:10 Hannes Wittmer Satelliten 04m:34s
22:11:58 Perfume Genius Your Body Changes Everything 04m:12s
22:08:49 Bright Eyes First Day of my Life 03m:09s
22:03:44 Gisbert zu Knyphausen Frau Himmelblau bittet zum Tan 05m:10s
22:01:09 El Perro Del Mar White on White 02m:35s
22:00:40 Hertz 87.9 Jingle HertzKlopfen 00m:30s
21:57:24 Schlachthofbronx Coolie Fruit 03m:16s
21:54:27 Razz Youth & Enjoyment 03m:03s
21:54:11 Hertz 87.9 ID Al DeLoner 00m:16s
21:50:26 Spandau Ballet Gold 03m:46s
21:47:40 The Big Six Rocketship to the moon 02m:48s
21:43:47 Bokka K&B 03m:54s
21:43:41 Hertz 87.9 ID Digitalism 00m:06s
21:40:18 Olli Schulz und der Hund Mari Nimm mein Mixtape, babe 03m:23s
21:37:00 Black Thunder & The positive v Reggae Warrior 03m:22s
21:32:20 Pendulum granite 04m:40s
21:29:52 Krama Kid Goldener Preis 02m:41s
21:25:10 Nas Nobody (feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill) 04m:42s
21:25:02 Hertz 87.9 ID Costaz Mandilor 00m:08s
21:20:12 Jamiroquai Dynamite 04m:52s
21:16:22 Tiger Baby Girlfriend 03m:52s
21:15:56 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Wir machen unser Radio selbst 00m:26s
21:11:45 Social Distortion When the angels sing 04m:12s
21:08:31 Jakuzi Hic Isik Yok 03m:15s
21:04:22 Wolf Gang Back To Back 04m:10s
21:04:07 Hertz 87.9 ID Egotronic 00m:16s
21:00:01 Pinkspots & Der Hutklub Hutklub 04m:07s
20:56:05 Ben Lee Float On 04m:06s
20:53:05 Club Night Rally 03m:03s
20:52:52 Hertz 87.9 ID Oliver Welke 00m:12s
20:49:47 Those Dancing Days I Know Where You Live 03m:07s
20:47:36 Hertz 87.9 Pale Male - Sunrise (HST) 02m:13s
20:47:34 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
20:44:15 Joel Culpepper Return 03m:18s
20:40:23 Asian Dub Foundation La Haine 03m:52s
20:40:13 Hertz 87.9 ID Dendemann 00m:10s
20:37:13 Sondaschule Nie im Radio 03m:01s
20:34:14 Nine Black Alps Attraction 03m:03s
20:30:36 Cargo City Dance, Sleep 03m:41s
20:28:04 Eastern Conference Champions Hurricane 02m:33s
20:25:29 Puder trifft Tiana Kruskic Spices 02m:37s
20:25:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Spacechild (Frank) 00m:04s
20:22:12 The Wombats School Uniforms 03m:14s
20:18:39 Rolling Stones Commit A Crime 03m:35s
20:18:14 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Ich würd mein Kind gern in der Sendung kriegen 00m:25s
20:13:58 Eins Zwo feat. Nico Suave Sternzeichen Krebs 04m:17s
20:10:18 Miss Vincent The Western Shore 03m:42s
20:07:04 Jakuzi Hic Isik Yok 03m:15s
20:04:25 Spitting Off Tall Buildings Summer 02m:42s
20:04:21 Hertz 87.9 ID Und abends läuft auch immer 87.9 00m:08s
20:00:15 Teenage Cool Kids Write Back Soon 04m:11s
19:56:36 UKO Life Show 03m:40s
19:56:08 Hertz 87.9 ID StuckradBarre 00m:27s
19:52:32 Superpunk Neue Zähne für meinen Bruder 03m:37s
19:49:54 Stereo Total Comme un garcon 02m:39s
19:45:37 King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard The Bird Song 04m:25s
19:45:33 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Jack Lawrence Brown von White Lies 00m:04s
19:42:40 Money & The Man I Wanna Know 02m:53s
19:38:04 Mötley Crue Dr. Feelgood 04m:43s
19:35:04 Bear's Den Elysium 03m:01s
19:31:04 Blockhead Center Of A Circlepit 04m:00s
19:27:59 Valeras Rita 03m:07s
19:27:38 Hertz 87.9 ID Killswitch Engage 00m:21s
19:24:22 Hellsongs Iron Man 03m:19s
19:20:46 Mount Kimbie Blue Train Lines (feat. King Krule) 03m:37s
19:16:32 Solomun Tuk Tuk (feat. ÄTNA) 04m:13s
19:16:09 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Es müsste immer Musik da sein. 00m:23s
19:13:11 Pascow Raumpatrouille 02m:58s
19:07:19 The Natural Disasters WLYN 05m:52s
19:04:35 The Velveteers Motel #27 02m:45s
19:00:50 Cancer Tears 03m:46s
18:57:18 Durand Jones & The Indications Witchoo 03m:43s
18:53:13 Amilli Alone In The Rain 04m:04s
18:53:10 Hertz 87.9 ID Tom Lueneburger 00m:03s
18:49:21 Drive Like Maria Taillight 03m:50s
18:48:20 The 83rd My Skin, My Hair Bootleg (Black Thought, Ciara) 01m:03s
18:47:56 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Zu viele Rockbands 00m:24s
18:44:59 The Waterboys When Will We Be Married? 02m:57s
18:41:18 Hertz 87.9 Pale Male - Song for Sully (HST) 03m:41s
18:39:02 Of Montreal Sleeping In The Beetle Bug 02m:16s
18:38:56 Hertz 87.9 ID Supervixen 00m:06s
18:36:26 Dream Nails Take Up Space 02m:30s
18:32:46 Tape, The vs Infinite Livez The Return Of The Menstruating 03m:40s
18:28:35 We Are Augustines Philadelphia 04m:14s
18:25:57 Banquets I Need A Garden Eleanor 02m:38s
18:21:49 Villagers The First Day 04m:10s
18:21:45 Hertz 87.9 ID Maritime 00m:03s
18:18:56 Saweetie Fast (Motion) 02m:50s
18:16:23 Sommerset Reason 02m:34s
18:12:26 MF Robots Brand New Day 03m:59s
18:09:41 Dios Malos I Want It All 02m:46s
18:07:23 Jones, Sharon & The Dap Kings Nobody's Baby 02m:21s
18:02:40 Nas Nobody (feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill) 04m:42s
18:00:22 Andy Williams Can't Get Used To Losing You 02m:19s
18:00:18 Hertz 87.9 ID Die drei Fragezeichen (O. Rohrbeck & A. Fröhlich) 00m:06s
17:59:50 Fatoni x Dexter Feeling 02m:54s
17:56:19 Elvis Presley Long Black Limousine 03m:35s
17:55:52 Hertz 87.9 ID Jan Boehmermann 00m:27s
17:52:36 The Jury And The Saints The Focus 03m:18s
17:49:16 Neonschwarz Salto Mortale 03m:20s
17:48:32 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Kunststoff 00m:44s
17:44:29 Kettcar Palo Alto 04m:06s
17:41:32 Hertz 87.9 Pale Male - Really (HST) 02m:56s
17:37:27 Faith no more Midlife crisis 04m:12s
17:37:20 Hertz 87.9 ID Soulfly (Max Cavalera) 00m:07s
17:34:17 Anchor Chain Weed and Dolphins 03m:07s
17:31:16 Leo, Ted & The Parmacists The One Who Got Us Out 03m:04s
17:27:53 The Dramatics Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get 03m:28s
17:24:55 My Morning Jacket Remnants 02m:58s
17:21:56 Mild High Club Me Myself and Dollar Hell 03m:00s
17:21:45 Hertz 87.9 ID Herbert Feuerstein 00m:11s
17:18:00 Big L Feat.KRS-One Still Here 03m:50s
17:16:08 Frank Turner Try This At Home 01m:52s
17:12:07 Matthew Herbert Remix Brother Where Are You 04m:02s
17:07:51 Asian Dub Foundation Flyover 04m:16s
17:04:39 Blond Du und Ich 03m:14s
17:00:28 Disturbed Another Way To Die 04m:11s
17:00:18 Hertz 87.9 ID Martin Semmelrogge 00m:12s
16:59:02 Wrongkong Sweat 03m:34s
16:56:13 Park Hye Jin I Need You 03m:03s
16:53:46 Louise Attaque Les nuits parisiennes 02m:28s
16:53:03 Hertz 87.9 ID Jöllenbeck 00m:44s
16:50:29 Calexico Beneath the City of Dreams 02m:34s
16:47:28 Cravism x Maya Diegel It's Okay 03m:01s
16:46:44 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Open Turntables (1) 00m:44s
16:42:57 The Rebels of Tijuana Et Le Blizzard S'estompe 03m:52s
16:42:28 Hertz 87.9 ID A-Team 00m:29s
16:39:10 FIBEL Zukunft 03m:21s
16:35:15 Robert DeLong Don't Wait Up 03m:54s
16:33:07 Triggerfish Deutsche Bomben 02m:11s
16:33:05 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
16:28:51 Doves Black and White Town 04m:14s
16:25:13 Jordan Rakei Clouds (Radio Edit) 03m:41s
16:24:54 Hertz 87.9 ID Shaft 00m:19s
16:20:08 Fader Gladiator das Gift 04m:46s
16:16:23 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me 03m:49s
16:13:44 Church Girls Separated 02m:45s
16:10:27 Worth Lo And Behold 03m:16s
16:06:18 Dexter Wind weht durch das Haar (Suff Daddy's Bamelclues Remix) 04m:09s
16:03:13 Valeras Rita 03m:07s
16:00:18 Dakiniz Score One For Satan 02m:56s
16:00:04 N.E.R.D. Voilà ft. Gucci Mane & Wale 04m:19s
15:55:51 Jeff Brown Lass mal tauschen 04m:13s
15:55:46 Hertz 87.9 ID Die drei Fragezeichen (Peter Shaw) 00m:05s
15:52:17 Spinnerette Ghetto Love 03m:31s
15:48:09 The Rain Big Lie 04m:08s
15:47:32 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tief im Innern der Universität 00m:37s
15:44:09 The New Morty Show White Wedding/Rebel Yell Medle 03m:23s
15:41:00 Burkini Beach Crying At The Soundcheck 03m:11s
15:36:35 Vögel die Erde Essen Die Goldene Peitsche 04m:35s
15:31:59 Quiet Riot Come on and feel the noise 04m:42s
15:27:16 Nas Nobody (feat. Ms. Lauryn Hill) 04m:42s
15:27:09 Hertz 87.9 ID The Notwist + 13&God 00m:08s
15:23:57 Molly Burman Fool Me With Flattery 03m:17s
15:19:41 Datura4 Mother Medusa 04m:27s
15:18:42 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Mixtape 00m:59s
15:14:38 Artifacts Flexi With Da Tech(nique) 04m:05s
15:10:57 the Maccabees Pelican 03m:44s
15:06:30 Ah! Kosmos & Özgur Yilmaz Yarama Bastikca 04m:31s
15:03:17 Iceage Simony 03m:14s
15:03:08 Hertz 87.9 ID Bodo Wartke 00m:09s
14:59:16 Public Service Broadcasting Blue Heaven feat. Andreya Casablanca 03m:52s
14:55:13 The Superimposers Seeing Is Believing 04m:02s
14:55:07 Hertz 87.9 ID Dike 00m:07s
14:52:13 Sir Toby City Never Sleeps 02m:56s
14:49:38 Puder trifft Tiana Kruskic Spices 02m:37s
14:49:12 Hertz 87.9 ID Kulturstimme Steven Murphy 00m:26s
14:45:26 Nerina Pallot Bring Him Fire 03m:49s
14:42:01 Juse Ju & Fatoni Legit 03m:29s
14:38:44 Young Rebel Set Walk On 03m:18s
14:34:22 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Vortex 04m:38s
14:30:19 LEE_SCRATCH_PERRY My Name 04m:06s
14:28:22 The Bishops Breakaway 01m:58s
14:26:54 Kevin Blechdom What you want to believe 01m:28s
14:22:45 Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine Back to Oz 04m:11s
14:22:38 Hertz 87.9 ID Dog Eat Dog 00m:06s
14:20:25 Fred Schreiber Wanna Be In LA 02m:14s
14:17:37 Slomosa Kevin 02m:47s
14:16:49 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Open Turntables (2) 00m:49s
14:14:38 Abby Huston Promise 02m:16s
14:13:59 The Descendents Human Being 00m:39s
14:10:45 Swain Negative Space 03m:16s
14:07:31 Jakuzi Hic Isik Yok 03m:15s
14:03:18 Simon Love All This Kicking Around 04m:16s
14:03:11 Hertz 87.9 ID Trail of Dead 00m:07s
13:59:32 Lea Porcelain Remember 03m:40s
13:56:01 Polica I Need $ 03m:35s
13:54:14 Love Inks Wave Goodbye 01m:48s
13:53:53 Hertz 87.9 ID Kaffee & Zigaretten 00m:22s
13:50:25 Grand Analog Wild Animal Print 03m:30s
13:48:04 Messer Die Echse 02m:21s
13:47:32 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Mein Schuppen 00m:31s
13:44:14 Mayer Hawthorne The Great Divine 03m:26s
13:44:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Asaf Avidan and The Mojos 2 00m:14s
13:39:31 The Entrepreneurs Gonzo 04m:30s
13:36:34 H.O.T.D. Devil May Care 02m:59s
13:32:00 Tok Tok Tok I Don't Want To See You 04m:35s
13:28:20 Die Orsons Schwung In Die Kiste 03m:40s
13:25:54 Jade Bird Trick Mirror 02m:32s
13:21:05 Netsky Rise and Shine 04m:48s
13:17:31 Boysetsfire When Rhetoric Dies 03m:37s
13:16:59 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Hertz 87.9 Stream und App 00m:32s
13:14:34 Shannon and the Clams Year of the Spider 02m:31s
13:10:22 Duran Duran Wild Boys 04m:14s
13:06:12 iggy Pop Gardenia 04m:13s
13:02:36 JORJA x GUILTY ALL OF THIS 03m:43s
13:00:32 Nils Christian Wédtke Ach, Bielefeld 02m:06s
13:00:25 Hertz 87.9 ID Necro 00m:07s
12:57:33 Kadhja Bonet & Khruangbin Father Bird, Mother Bird (Sunbirds) 02m:51s
12:56:12 Great Collapse Dawn Stations 01m:22s
12:52:16 Clipping. Nothing Is Safe 03m:55s
12:49:15 Cravism x Maya Diegel It's Okay 03m:01s
12:48:51 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Playlist (Was spielst Du denn da) 00m:24s
12:46:11 Riva Starr The Care Song 02m:41s
12:42:48 Hertz 87.9 Pale Male - Fruity (HST) 03m:23s
12:40:47 The Bombpops Dearly Departed 02m:01s
12:40:38 Hertz 87.9 ID Rocko Schamoni 00m:09s
12:37:34 Anchor Chain Weed and Dolphins 03m:07s
12:33:49 Alligatoah Postmodern 03m:45s
12:30:42 Jamait Qu'est - Ce Que Tu Fons 03m:07s
12:26:15 Quasi Hot Shit 04m:29s
12:23:19 Turnstile Alien Love Call (feat. Blood Orange) 02m:56s
12:23:02 Hertz 87.9 ID D&B 00m:17s
12:19:37 Leopold And His Fiction Leopold And His Fiction - Cowboy 03m:26s
12:16:45 Azure Ray If You Fall 02m:57s
12:16:16 Hertz 87.9 ID Kulturstimme Simon Drosten 00m:28s
12:14:06 Abby Huston Promise 02m:16s
12:10:44 Hanne Kolsto I Hate You Dont Leave Me 03m:24s
12:07:18 Young Dinosaur What Matters Today 03m:26s
12:03:49 Durand Jones & The Indications Witchoo 03m:43s
12:00:28 Auf der Maur Followed the waves 03m:22s
12:00:18 Hertz 87.9 ID Seven Zuma Seven 00m:11s
11:59:16 Fuzztones Garden of My Mind 02m:32s
11:55:37 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Lock All The Doors 03m:40s
11:52:39 Abby Evelyn 02m:58s
11:52:34 Hertz 87.9 ID Geva Alon 00m:05s
11:50:30 Gnarls Barkley Mystery Man 02m:06s
11:47:44 Offspring Cool To Hate 02m:46s
11:47:15 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Ultraviolett 00m:29s
11:43:18 MF Robots Brand New Day 03m:59s
11:40:53 She & Him Snow Queen 02m:26s
11:40:44 Hertz 87.9 ID Florian Silbereisen 00m:10s
11:37:06 Marcos Valle Mentira 03m:39s
11:33:24 The Crookes Blooshot Days (German Version) 03m:42s
11:29:55 Flaunt Vows 03m:32s
11:27:09 Ja, Panik Dance The ECB 02m:47s
11:23:33 JORJA x GUILTY ALL OF THIS 03m:43s
11:23:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Jeru The Damaja 00m:09s
11:21:48 Husker Du Never Talking To You Again 01m:38s
11:17:32 N.A.S.A. Money 04m:16s
11:17:07 Hertz 87.9 ID Kulturstimme Kristin Shey 00m:25s
11:13:18 Teal Three Hours 03m:53s
11:10:49 Mattiel Whites of Their Eyes 02m:30s
11:10:17 The Dwarves Trisexual 00m:32s
11:05:55 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Vortex 04m:38s
11:01:59 Antilopen Gang Das Trojanische Pferd 03m:55s
11:01:49 Hertz 87.9 ID Onkel Fisch 00m:10s
10:58:11 A Tribe Called Quest Electric Relaxation 03m:41s
10:55:50 The Animen At War 02m:24s
10:55:48 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
10:52:58 Waldeck Make My Day 02m:50s
10:49:27 Pyogenesis Blue smiley's plan 03m:38s
10:49:25 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
10:48:42 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Ultraviolett Seb rastet aus 00m:43s
10:45:29 IDER Cross Yourself 03m:14s
10:42:03 Art Brut Direct Hit 03m:27s
10:41:57 Hertz 87.9 ID Lowry 00m:07s
10:37:25 Earth Flight Other Side Of The Rings 04m:32s
10:33:29 Courtney Barnett Avant Gardener 03m:58s
10:31:31 Tocotronic Hey Du 01m:59s
10:27:11 Kulashaker Revenge Of The King 04m:22s
10:23:30 Amilli Hazy Days 03m:46s
10:23:06 Hertz 87.9 ID Akte X 00m:24s
10:20:28 HODJA On And On 02m:38s
10:17:12 Worth Lo And Behold 03m:16s
10:16:44 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
10:14:05 Church Girls Separated 02m:45s
10:11:03 Bonaparte Too Much 03m:03s
10:08:09 The Get Up Kids Better This Way 03m:00s
10:04:04 Neal Francis Can't Stop The Rain 04m:06s
10:01:31 John Fruiscante Wishing 02m:39s
10:01:20 Hertz 87.9 ID IAMX 00m:11s
09:56:08 The Smith Street Band Wipe The Shit-Eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face 05m:14s
09:56:02 Hertz 87.9 ID The Greenbaums 00m:07s
09:51:34 Hule Encuentros 04m:29s
09:48:18 K-Otix Knick Knack 03m:16s
09:47:53 Hertz 87.9 ID Kulturstimme Connor Meister 00m:26s
09:46:05 The Wiseguys Ooh la la 01m:47s
09:43:49 Shybits Freaks 02m:16s
09:39:53 Japandroids The Nights of Wine and Roses 04m:02s
09:39:47 Hertz 87.9 ID Retro Stefson 00m:06s
09:36:20 Everlyn Anything But Easy 03m:27s
09:32:37 Molchat Doma Ne Smeshno 03m:48s
09:29:09 PHOENIX One Time Too Many 03m:34s
09:25:53 Beck Tropicalia 03m:17s
09:22:58 Summer Sons This N That (feat. Eerf Evil) 03m:00s
09:19:53 Sofia Brunetta Low 03m:05s
09:16:56 Mission Of Burma Max Ernst 02m:57s
09:16:44 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tierische Musik 00m:12s
09:13:06 Vic Ruggiero Saturday Nite 03m:43s
09:09:43 Olli Schulz und der Hund Mari Nimm mein Mixtape, babe 03m:23s
09:06:15 Durand Jones & The Indications Witchoo 03m:43s
09:03:13 Bloc Party Virtue 03m:05s
09:00:13 Britta Persson Wintertour 03m:00s
09:00:07 Hertz 87.9 ID State Radio 00m:06s
08:56:35 Incubus Wish you were here 03m:32s
08:48:46 Hertz 87.9 Björk - Unison (KLS) 07m:49s
08:48:18 Hertz 87.9 ID Kulturstimme Boris Maiorino 00m:27s
08:44:53 Juse Ju & Fatoni Legit 03m:29s
08:41:15 Rah Rah Wolf Eyes 03m:38s
08:41:08 Hertz 87.9 ID Pascow 00m:07s
08:38:03 The Chalets Feel The Machine 03m:08s
08:34:36 Pommes & Chlor Betreten der Grünfläche 03m:28s
08:30:55 Filthy Dukes Nonsense In The Dark 03m:42s
08:27:13 Michel Clain LaMezcia (remix) 03m:43s
08:23:16 MF Robots Brand New Day 03m:59s
08:23:03 Hertz 87.9 ID Antilopen Gang 1 00m:13s
08:21:20 Treeberrys Down 01m:44s
08:17:36 Poté Open Up 03m:49s
08:16:58 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Nachrichten 00m:38s
08:12:01 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Cars In Space 04m:57s
08:08:34 Blues Pills Proud Woman 03m:27s
08:05:39 Summer Sons This N That (feat. Eerf Evil) 03m:00s
08:02:42 Phoenix Everything is everything 02m:56s
08:02:35 Hertz 87.9 ID The Notwist + 13&God 00m:08s
07:57:55 GZA 4th Chamber (feat. Ghostface Killer, RZA & Killah Priest) 04m:40s
07:54:26 Irie Révoltes Il Est La 03m:29s
07:54:11 Hertz 87.9 ID Didgerission 00m:15s
07:50:48 Arctic Monkeys My Propeller 03m:24s
07:46:49 Das Bierbeben Im Kreis 03m:59s
07:44:39 Abby Huston Promise 02m:16s
07:41:28 Florence Joelle One Step Forward 03m:12s
07:38:15 Davarroow Little Road 03m:14s
07:35:13 Megan Thee Stallion Thot Shit (Mike Dean Mix) 03m:05s
07:32:19 Laura Veirs July Flame 02m:54s
07:28:57 Rya Planetary Council 03m:29s
07:26:13 The Velveteers Motel #27 02m:45s
07:22:54 The Vines Ain't No Room 03m:24s
07:18:13 The Shins Phantom Limb 04m:45s
07:17:56 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Ohne Werbung 00m:18s
07:14:23 Iron & Wine Love and Some Verses 03m:35s
07:09:31 Station 17 Dinge (with Andreas Spechtl) 04m:54s
07:06:44 The Tibbs Not a Beggar 02m:51s
07:03:48 Gonzales Take Me To Brodway 02m:57s
07:03:13 Hertz 87.9 ID Coverdale ("Here I go, again on my own") 00m:34s
07:00:05 Nervus Sick Sad World 03m:08s
06:55:21 The Police Walking On The Moon 04m:50s
06:55:15 Hertz 87.9 ID Cruxshadows 00m:07s
06:52:14 Bonaparte She Goes 03m:01s
06:49:04 Hertz 87.9 Pale Male - This Autumn (HST) 03m:10s
06:45:39 La Luz Watching Cartoons 03m:28s
06:41:42 Amanda Blank Big Heavy 03m:57s
06:41:29 Hertz 87.9 ID Uwe Seeler 00m:13s
06:37:55 Milwalkie Black Alexander 03m:36s
06:34:12 Dizzee Rascal Fix Up, Look Sharp 03m:43s
06:32:07 Nic Dawson Thursday 3 - 23 02m:05s
06:28:23 Theophilus London Wine & Chocolates (andhim rmx) 03m:45s
06:25:03 Neonschwarz Salto Mortale 03m:20s
06:21:31 Rhye Come In Closer 03m:31s
06:17:56 Ben Lee Cigarettes will kill you 03m:39s
06:16:53 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser Seminar: On Air bei Hertz 87.9 01m:02s
06:14:01 Isolation Berlin Private Probleme 02m:53s
06:10:05 Worried Man & Worried Boy Von Gschissn Auf Oasch 03m:56s
06:08:02 Young Chinese Dogs Don't Talk About 02m:06s
06:04:44 FIBEL Zukunft 03m:21s
06:01:04 Kate Nash Kiss That Grrrl 03m:39s
06:00:53 Hertz 87.9 ID Liquido 00m:11s
05:57:19 Marachi El Bronx Love Sick 03m:36s
05:57:11 Hertz 87.9 ID Spain 00m:08s
05:53:06 The Knife We Share Our Mother's Health 04m:05s
05:48:39 Eagulls Lemontrees 04m:28s
05:48:04 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi - Regierung stürzen 00m:35s
05:45:25 Church Girls Separated 02m:45s
05:41:22 Friska Viljor Passionseeker 04m:04s
05:41:11 Hertz 87.9 ID Bittermann 00m:10s
05:37:21 Farin Urlaub Porzellan 03m:53s
05:33:22 Polish Club Clarity 04m:03s
05:30:19 TheHellfreaks Men In Grey 03m:04s
05:26:25 One Sixth Of Tommy Cotton Pockets 03m:59s
05:23:19 Valeras Rita 03m:07s
05:20:23 Tu Fawning Diamond In The Forest 03m:03s
05:17:33 Cristobal & The Sea Steal My Phone 02m:51s
05:16:55 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi (Schweinehuhn) 00m:37s
05:13:55 Bikini Machine Shake 03m:01s
05:12:54 The 83rd My Skin, My Hair Bootleg (Black Thought, Ciara) 01m:03s
05:08:15 Joshua Pull me out 04m:43s
05:05:45 Eddie Bo From This Day On 02m:33s
05:02:53 Kadhja Bonet & Khruangbin Father Bird, Mother Bird (Sunbirds) 02m:51s
05:01:02 Antiseen Ugly american 01m:54s
05:00:42 Hertz 87.9 ID Al Bundy 00m:20s
04:58:08 Franz Kasper Frown Upon You 02m:37s
04:54:29 Manowar Odin 03m:40s
04:54:23 Hertz 87.9 ID Skinny Puppy (oHgre) 00m:06s
04:51:03 Alice Cooper What do you want from me? 03m:20s
04:47:16 Ela Minus close (ft. Helado Negro) (Buscabulla Remix) 03m:56s
04:47:14 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
04:41:50 Palace Gravity 05m:24s
04:38:26 Apollo 440 Lost In Space 03m:24s
04:33:41 Bufi Homeless Hero 04m:45s
04:33:27 Hertz 87.9 ID Architecture 00m:14s
04:28:40 Loma Ocotillo 04m:50s
04:26:09 Seafood Good Reason 02m:34s
04:21:00 F. S. Blumm & Nils Frahm Desert Mule 05m:23s
04:16:23 Tachycardia Fix 04m:38s
04:15:48 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi - Regierung stürzen 00m:35s
04:10:44 Patenbrigade Wolff Ostberliner Bauarbeiter 05m:05s
04:05:53 Amon Tobin Back From Space 04m:52s
04:01:38 N.A.S.A. Money 04m:16s
04:01:21 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 4 Uhr Nichts zu sehen 00m:16s
03:55:52 Big Sean First Chain 05m:29s
03:55:38 Hertz 87.9 ID The Kiez 00m:15s
03:52:18 Shaka Ponk My Name Is Stain 03m:20s
03:49:32 DJ Seinfeld These Things Will Come To Be 02m:47s
03:49:02 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Webseite (Computerfreak) 00m:30s
03:44:40 Doctor Jeep Key Activation 04m:22s
03:39:24 Stenny Blind Corners 05m:26s
03:35:08 Japandroids North East South West 04m:18s
03:35:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Machine Head 00m:08s
03:29:49 Coldplay Politik 05m:11s
03:26:16 Arctic Monkeys Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino 03m:32s
03:21:54 Gudrun Gut + Mabe Fratti Aufregend 04m:26s
03:19:21 System Of A Down Sugar 02m:33s
03:18:44 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi (Schweinehuhn) 00m:37s
03:13:57 Bianca Casady & The C.I.A. Poor Deal 04m:48s
03:09:54 Sage Francis The Buzz Kill 04m:03s
03:04:29 Palace Gravity 05m:24s
03:01:28 Atreyu We Stand Up 03m:03s
03:01:13 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 3 Uhr Taddl und Patrick 00m:14s
02:58:14 Client Down to the Underground 03m:01s
02:56:17 No Use For A Name Biggest Lie 01m:57s
02:53:15 ASA Dead Again 03m:04s
02:52:57 Hertz 87.9 ID The Name Abides 00m:18s
02:49:09 Cosmo Jarvis Love This 03m:56s
02:46:58 Hertz 87.9 Pale Male - Sunrise (HST) 02m:13s
02:46:56 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
02:42:53 Jim Dean Evidence 04m:03s
02:42:48 Hertz 87.9 ID Deine Lakaien 00m:05s
02:40:02 Funeral For A Friend Sixteen 02m:48s
02:35:14 Goldrush Let You Down 04m:50s
02:32:04 Monophona Black on Black 03m:12s
02:32:02 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
02:28:11 Kate Nash My Little Alien 03m:51s
02:27:10 The 83rd My Skin, My Hair Bootleg (Black Thought, Ciara) 01m:03s
02:27:05 Hertz 87.9 ID VNV Nation 00m:05s
02:22:29 Sophia So Slow 04m:38s
02:19:34 Midlake The Fairest Way 02m:58s
02:19:02 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Mein Schuppen 00m:31s
02:14:50 King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard Intrasport 04m:13s
02:11:44 AVEC NFYT 03m:08s
02:07:22 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Vortex 04m:38s
02:04:14 Sparks Giddy Giddy 03m:07s
02:04:10 Hertz 87.9 ID Raveonettes 00m:05s
01:59:32 Rage against the machine Born of a broken man 04m:40s
01:59:20 Hertz 87.9 ID Dike 00m:07s
01:53:42 Clan Of Xymox Stranger 05m:43s
01:50:01 Hertz 87.9 Pale Male - Song for Sully (HST) 03m:41s
01:49:26 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi - Regierung stürzen 00m:35s
01:45:43 Altin Gün Kisasa Kisas 03m:46s
01:42:15 Tarmac Notre époque 03m:30s
01:39:31 Cocoon Dee Doo 02m:48s
01:32:46 Audio88 & Yassin Klingelton 02m:53s
01:29:14 Bears Den Emeralds 03m:38s
01:26:35 Church Girls Separated 02m:45s
01:26:28 Hertz 87.9 ID Sebastian Pufpaff 00m:07s
01:21:35 Tokyo Dragons Chasing the night 04m:53s
01:17:57 Chic Good Times 03m:38s
01:17:19 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi (Schweinehuhn) 00m:37s
01:14:06 Lapko Killer Whales 03m:16s
01:10:02 Aerosmith Sedona Sunrise 04m:10s
01:06:24 Jordan Rakei Clouds (Radio Edit) 03m:41s
01:02:48 Kraftwerk Das Modell 03m:38s
01:02:44 Hertz 87.9 ID Phil Vetter 00m:04s
00:58:04 !!! (Chk Chk Chk) Funk I Got This 04m:40s
00:57:16 Hertz 87.9 ID Dir ein Radio schenken 00m:48s
00:54:35 Eddie Finley & The Cincinatti Clean Up Man 02m:44s
00:49:43 Archive End Of Our Days 04m:52s
00:49:08 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi - Regierung stürzen 00m:35s
00:45:07 Manu Delgado feat. Isa Kurz Sun In The North 04m:01s
00:41:40 The Kills Love is a Deserter 03m:26s
00:36:54 Alfa Mist Run Outs 04m:52s
00:36:47 Hertz 87.9 ID Notwist (Markus Acher) 00m:08s
00:33:15 Garbage Big Bright World 03m:33s
00:29:48 Bon Iver Faith 03m:33s
00:24:36 Roland Kaiser Wilhelm Indigo 2 05m:13s
00:20:19 Carrera feat. Markus Acher That time of the year 04m:24s
00:19:42 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi (Schweinehuhn) 00m:37s
00:15:11 BADBADNOTGOOD Can't Leave The Night 04m:40s
00:09:49 Kante Im ersten Licht 05m:24s
00:06:09 Les Négresses Vertes Face à la Mer 03m:45s
00:00:31 Fatboy Slim Ya Mama 05m:38s
00:00:18 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 0 Uhr Genull Nau Uhr 00m:12s
00:00:04 JORJA x GUILTY ALL OF THIS 03m:43s
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