Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 7.3.2022

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:58:39 Huyghend Runners 03m:50s
23:54:23 Grandbrothers Organism 05m:02s
23:54:01 Hertz 87.9 ID Kaffee & Zigaretten 00m:22s
23:50:27 Portugal. The Man Easy Tiger 03m:35s
23:46:22 Caravana Sun Firebreak 04m:11s
23:43:27 Nat King Cole Trio Hit That Jive Jack 02m:55s
23:37:43 Don Rimini Let Me Back Up (Crookers Tetsu 05m:44s
23:32:57 Advance Base Rabbits 04m:48s
23:29:56 Jens Friebe Warum zählen die rückwärts, Mami? 03m:05s
23:29:43 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tierische Musik 00m:12s
23:26:29 Larytta Love Love Banana 03m:14s
23:21:01 Poppy Ackroyd Flutter 05m:42s
23:17:10 Karin Park SHAKE WITH THE DEVIL 03m:54s
23:13:46 Blinker & Moses Active-Multiple-Fetish-Overlord 03m:29s
23:13:28 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Ohne Werbung 00m:18s
23:06:18 Katharina Nuttall Play (Boeoes Kae..) 07m:11s
23:03:00 Tiga Planet E 03m:18s
23:00:31 Von Spar Bis zum Erbrechen schreien 02m:30s
23:00:10 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 23 Uhr Beim nächsten Ton Maus 00m:21s
22:57:45 Dead Years Breath of Clarity 02m:25s
22:51:45 Stevie to the Noise Hang the Witch 05m:59s
22:47:57 This Aint Life The Worst Second 03m:48s
22:45:36 Billy Idol White Christmas 02m:23s
22:42:02 The Dan Band I wanna rock you hard this 03m:37s
22:37:59 In Flames In Plain View 04m:03s
22:37:51 ID Slayer (Jeff Hannemann) Hard Attack 00m:07s
22:30:00 Black Sabbath War pigs 07m:52s
22:23:18 Gojira Magma 06m:42s
22:19:06 Eluveitie The Raven Hill 04m:12s
22:18:58 Musik Jingle Hard Attack Shout 3 00m:08s
22:14:44 The Showdown Aphrodite-The Disillusionaire 04m:14s
22:10:28 Origin Of Zed Silent Impact 04m:16s
22:06:04 Jotnar Say It Right 04m:24s
22:01:45 Queensryche Queensryche-No. 156 04m:26s
22:01:29 Hertz 87.9 Jingle HardAttack 2018 00m:17s
21:57:09 Von Spar Dog Machine 04m:18s
21:57:04 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Schnipo Schranke 00m:06s
21:54:05 Blues Pills High Class Woman 02m:59s
21:49:01 Hertz 87.9 Band of Horses - In Need Of Repair (HST) 05m:07s
21:48:24 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Poesie der Strasse) 00m:38s
21:45:47 Sea + Air You Don't Care About Me 02m:38s
21:45:13 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Playlist (Wir hüpfen im Rythmus der Musik) 00m:34s
20:14:33 Hertz 87.9 Man I Hate Your Band - Taylor Swift 01h:30m:40s
20:14:25 Hertz 87.9 ID Truckfighters 00m:08s
20:09:32 Goldie Angel 04m:55s
20:06:47 Shogoon x Pimf Courtside 02m:47s
20:06:10 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Unsere Telefonnummer 00m:37s
20:02:55 Anna B Savage A Common Tern (Radio Edit) 03m:16s
19:59:21 Isolation Berlin Der Bus der stillen Hoffnung 03m:34s
19:55:46 The Menzingers Even For An Eggshell 03m:35s
19:55:40 Hertz 87.9 ID Soulfly (Max Cavalera) 00m:07s
19:52:55 Alexis Troy x Serious Klein Game Hunt 02m:49s
19:49:47 Rona Kenan 4AM 03m:10s
19:48:48 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Mixtape 00m:59s
19:45:41 Tank and the Bangas No ID 03m:10s
19:42:14 Dizzee Rascal Sirens 03m:26s
19:38:18 Katy J Pearson Return 04m:02s
19:36:10 Weatherstate Here In My Hell 02m:09s
19:34:24 Love Inks Wave Goodbye 01m:48s
19:20:19 Blind Guardian And Then There Was Silence 14m:05s
19:09:09 Deep Purple Smoke on the Water 05m:37s
19:03:08 Misfits Skulls 02m:02s
18:53:35 The Velvet Underground & Nico I'm Waiting For My Man 04m:35s
18:44:52 Coheed and Cambria Devil in The Jersey City 03m:59s
18:35:48 Five Pointe O Double X Minus 03m:22s
18:27:03 No Doubt Let's Get Back 04m:11s
18:19:20 Zimbabwe Legit Doin' Damage In My Native Language 03m:57s
18:10:51 Lô Borges/Milton Nascimento Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser 02m:53s
18:02:44 Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim The Girl From Ipanema 03m:13s
18:01:00 Hertz 87.9 Intakt Classics Jingle März 00m:17s
17:57:24 Netsky Hold On ft Becky Hill 03m:40s
17:54:08 Lydia Lunch Gloomy sunday 03m:19s
17:54:03 Hertz 87.9 ID Heinrich Breloer 00m:05s
17:51:29 Kina Grannis The One You Say Goodnight To 02m:34s
17:45:46 Sound Of Smoke Witch Boogie 05m:43s
17:42:31 Hot Water Music Freightliner 03m:16s
17:42:26 Hertz 87.9 ID Manic Street Preachers 00m:05s
17:38:25 Instrumental Horn In The Middle 04m:05s
17:34:11 Eugene McGuiness Thunderbolt 04m:14s
17:29:26 Björk Violently Happy 04m:49s
17:26:50 The Buccaneers Travelled So Far 02m:37s
17:24:04 Askväder Zealot 02m:47s
17:20:10 Toro y Moi Harm In Change 03m:56s
17:17:02 DiscoCtrl One Day Up 03m:08s
17:16:36 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID Die richtigen Fragen 00m:25s
17:11:32 thievery corporation .38.45 (a thievery number) 05m:11s
17:08:04 LL Cool J Tell Tha World 03m:30s
17:04:03 Nightmares On Wax Be There 04m:06s
17:00:53 The Jam That's Entertainment 03m:15s
17:00:39 Hertz 87.9 ID Sepultura 00m:15s
16:56:52 Elles Bailey Cheats and Liars 03m:47s
16:54:06 The Van Allen Belt Solar Crosses Stolen From Ceme 02m:46s
16:53:56 Hertz 87.9 ID Asaf Avidan And The Mojos 00m:11s
16:50:31 Joseph Myers feat. Marie Katzer Footsteps 03m:26s
16:46:35 Razz Lost In The Woods 03m:58s
16:46:02 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Hertz 87.9 Stream und App 00m:32s
16:45:55 Hertz 87.9 ID Bonaparte 00m:08s
16:43:09 Askväder Zealot 02m:47s
16:39:48 The Telescopes Strange Waves 03m:21s
16:35:48 Chikinki Assassinator 13 04m:00s
16:35:47 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
16:33:32 Laura Stevenson Happier, Etc. 02m:16s
16:30:10 Muddy Gurdy Black Madonna 03m:24s
16:27:03 BSC Yourself 03m:18s
16:26:37 Hertz 87.9 ID Wladimir Kaminer 00m:26s
16:23:25 Dominik Decker Elouise 03m:13s
16:18:56 Chin Chin Where Is My Time 04m:29s
16:15:42 Hot Water Music Trademark 03m:14s
16:12:47 Luek & Marco EU Breakfast 02m:58s
16:09:43 Dirty Honkers Oh Doctor! 03m:04s
16:07:36 Greg Houwer I want you but only forever 02m:12s
16:04:20 MOAR Not a Give feat DUMI RIGHT (Zimbabwe Legit) 03m:19s
16:00:07 Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth They Reminisce Over You 04m:22s
16:00:03 Hertz 87.9 ID Peter Ploeger 00m:04s
15:58:15 The Byrds Renaissance Fair 01m:51s
15:55:02 The Internet Fastlane 03m:15s
15:52:43 The Hurricane Lamps Reckless 02m:20s
15:52:39 Hertz 87.9 ID Cradle of Filth 00m:04s
15:48:37 Bush The People That We Love 04m:02s
15:48:08 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Webseite (Computerfreak) 00m:30s
15:44:41 Marbert Rocel Clappeople 03m:29s
15:41:55 Buru Arin Kaleko Txakurrak 02m:45s
15:38:09 Stilbruch Was Anderes 03m:47s
15:37:40 Hertz 87.9 ID Video killed the Radiostar 00m:29s
15:34:02 DM & Jemini Take Care Of Business 03m:38s
15:30:23 Lucius Turn It Around 03m:40s
15:27:57 Louise Attaque Les nuits parisiennes 02m:28s
15:24:10 Shun Brief Stills 03m:52s
15:20:57 Kafvka Querdenker klatschen 03m:19s
15:20:40 Hertz 87.9 ID Looptroop Rockers 00m:17s
15:18:04 The Libertines Vertigo 02m:36s
15:15:48 Ramones Needles and Pins 02m:18s
15:12:19 Black Country, New Road Chaos Space Marine 03m:34s
15:09:26 The Coral Wrapped In Blue 02m:56s
15:07:04 Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal 02m:24s
15:03:18 Elles Bailey Cheats and Liars 03m:47s
15:01:04 Cartel Madras FEAR & LOATHING (Radio Edit) 02m:19s
15:01:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Black Seeds 00m:05s
14:56:32 JaKönigJa Diese Schmerzen musst du teile 04m:36s
14:54:03 Hunny Saturday Night 02m:31s
14:50:46 Coby Grant A Song About Me 03m:20s
14:50:41 Hertz 87.9 ID Pain (Peter Tägtgren) 00m:06s
14:47:35 Love A Truemmer 03m:10s
14:47:34 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
14:47:18 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Nicht nüchtern 00m:16s
14:45:39 Max Tundra Lights 01m:38s
14:41:54 Gloria Anymore 03m:45s
14:39:18 Stereo Total Ich bin nackt 02m:37s
14:39:08 Hertz 87.9 ID Clawfinger 00m:09s
14:37:15 Melvins Mombius hibachi 01m:53s
14:34:08 New Young Pony Club Ice Cream 03m:07s
14:30:46 Erdmöbel Der blaue Himmel 03m:25s
14:27:00 Mac Miller Buttons 03m:46s
14:24:02 Luma All in 02m:58s
14:23:59 Hertz 87.9 ID Readymade 00m:04s
14:19:08 Please Madame Please Madame - 3 Always on Call 04m:52s
14:15:43 Johnny Fritz Happy In Hindsight 03m:27s
14:15:42 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
14:11:58 Ash Vampire Love 03m:45s
14:09:25 King Creosote Single Cheep 02m:36s
14:05:44 King Hannah Foolius Caesar 03m:44s
14:00:24 Shrinari Listen Up 05m:23s
13:57:43 Ant Antic Strong 02m:42s
13:57:25 Hertz 87.9 ID Everybody Hertz 00m:18s
13:53:30 Sly & The Family Stone Sing A Simple song 03m:55s
13:50:14 Juse Ju Kranich Kick 03m:16s
13:49:46 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - ultraviolett (Seb rastet aus) 00m:28s
13:45:05 Wildbirds & Peacedrums Rhythm 04m:41s
13:41:27 Spax Kein Limit 03m:39s
13:37:00 Apoptygma Berzerk Apollo ( Live On Your TV) 04m:27s
13:32:59 Django Django Sundials 04m:00s
13:29:28 Chesney Hawkes The One and Only 03m:34s
13:25:58 Waving The Guns Ich weiß nicht recht 03m:29s
13:25:52 Hertz 87.9 ID Bodi Bill 00m:07s
13:23:04 Team Me Patrick Wolf & Daniel Johns 02m:48s
13:19:46 Sparkadia Morning Light 03m:23s
13:14:50 Cicadastone Incandesent 05m:00s
13:13:08 Terrorgruppe Blutbürger 01m:43s
13:10:15 SSLYBY Young Presidents 02m:53s
13:04:39 Arch Enemy Deceivers 05m:37s
13:00:50 Moka Efti Orchestra Fatalist Tango 03m:52s
12:55:48 Corlyx The Echo 05m:04s
12:55:47 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
12:53:06 The Elwins You Have Me 02m:41s
12:52:39 Hertz 87.9 ID Gitarre 00m:27s
12:48:23 Casper Alles war schön und nichts tat weh 04m:26s
12:48:22 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
12:47:56 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Multivitamin fürs Ohr 00m:26s
12:44:04 And One Back Home 03m:56s
12:43:59 Hertz 87.9 ID Emiliana Torrini 00m:05s
12:40:14 Talib Kweli Traveling Light 03m:45s
12:35:38 Within Me Seed to Tree 04m:40s
12:32:40 Michael Yonkers Band Microminiature Love 02m:59s
12:27:58 The Dresden Dolls The jeep song 04m:44s
12:25:36 LOBSTERBOMB Sense 02m:23s
12:25:30 Hertz 87.9 ID Volker Meitz 00m:06s
12:21:47 Bobby Womack Across 110th Street 03m:46s
12:18:27 The Libertines Can't Stand Me Now 03m:22s
12:14:39 Cypress Hill Cypress Hill 03m:48s
12:11:06 Leyya Zoo 03m:40s
12:07:28 Nilüfer Yanya Day 7.5093 03m:40s
12:05:01 Frank Turner Perfect Score 02m:28s
12:01:20 SKAOS Better Beware 03m:41s
12:00:58 Hertz 87.9 ID Motörhead (Lemmy) 00m:22s
11:58:49 Honningbarna Honningbarna 02m:10s
11:55:43 Tocotronic Wir sind hier nicht in Seattle, Dirk 03m:11s
11:54:55 Hertz 87.9 ID Dir ein Radio schenken 00m:48s
11:50:42 Simon Love All This Kicking Around 04m:16s
11:47:06 Audiovent Gravity 03m:38s
11:46:40 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Wir machen unser Radio selbst 00m:26s
11:44:00 Mina Richman Bad Girls 02m:43s
11:40:31 Tiflis Transit Island 03m:31s
11:40:28 Hertz 87.9 ID Toro y Moi 00m:04s
11:37:58 Von Spar Bis zum Erbrechen schreien 02m:30s
11:35:53 Zwei Null Sechs (206) Kratzer to the Top 02m:05s
11:32:23 The Virginmarys Dead Man's Shoes 03m:31s
11:29:42 Caribou Sunny's Time 02m:50s
11:27:34 Weatherstate Here In My Hell 02m:09s
11:27:31 Hertz 87.9 ID Ecki Busch 00m:03s
11:22:45 Chinese Man Blah 04m:46s
11:18:32 The Postal Service Sleeping In 04m:20s
11:18:07 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Ich würd mein Kind gern in der Sendung kriegen 00m:25s
11:14:10 The Hourglass Effect But Anyways 04m:09s
11:10:20 Tiger Baby Girlfriend 03m:52s
11:07:28 Superfood I Can't See 02m:53s
11:03:15 Profiler Ninety Three 04m:19s
11:00:25 Convertible Mindwalk 02m:52s
11:00:14 Hertz 87.9 ID Neimo (english) 00m:11s
10:56:22 Carson The Last Laugh 03m:53s
10:53:21 Brigitte Fontaine Betty boop en Aout 03m:05s
10:48:58 Technicolor Technicolor 04m:24s
10:43:31 Fairytale Cradle Of Fae 05m:28s
10:41:12 Flying Lotus All In / Getting There 02m:24s
10:37:12 The Bamboos If Not Now (Then When) feat. Durand Jones 04m:11s
10:37:06 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Les Yeux Dla Tete 00m:06s
10:34:44 LOBSTERBOMB Sense 02m:23s
10:30:49 Clipping. Nothing Is Safe 03m:55s
10:27:37 Enik Let's Play Love 03m:12s
10:23:55 The Mountain Goats New Chevrolet In Flames 03m:46s
10:20:33 Muddy Gurdy Black Madonna 03m:24s
10:20:25 Hertz 87.9 ID Spain 00m:08s
10:18:53 Pain in the ass You must be looking 01m:33s
10:16:13 The Only Ones You've Got To Pay 02m:42s
10:15:17 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Funk, Soul und Rap) 00m:56s
10:10:59 Avocadohead feat. Goldlust Too Much Space To Walk Away 04m:22s
10:07:07 Carson The Last Laugh 03m:53s
10:03:00 Brodka You Think You Know Me 04m:23s
09:03:00 Hertz 87.9 Wiederholung Kunststoff Comictalk - 28.02.2022 01h:02m:11s
08:58:52 Miami Black Palms Pink Disco 05m:34s
08:55:00 Flume Never Be Like You 03m:52s
08:51:41 Einar Stray Orchestra Pockets Full Of Holes 03m:21s
08:51:27 Hertz 87.9 ID Ingolf Lück 00m:14s
08:48:52 Field Music A House Is Not A Home 02m:36s
08:46:08 BEAT MARK Love at First Sight 02m:44s
08:42:48 Steven Wilson Song Of I (feat. Sophie Hunger) 03m:24s
08:38:32 Qui Je m envole je voyage 04m:25s
08:34:55 Petula Marry Me 03m:39s
08:31:53 Zeal and Ardor Devil Is Fine 03m:12s
08:28:03 International Music Wassermann 03m:53s
08:24:58 Neonschwarz Flugmodus 03m:06s
08:24:53 Hertz 87.9 ID Moddi 00m:05s
08:21:01 Urlaub In Polen White Spot 03m:52s
08:17:22 The Knife The Height Of Summer 03m:43s
08:16:58 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Zu viele Rockbands 00m:24s
08:13:02 Razz Lost In The Woods 03m:58s
08:08:23 Pinty All Nightly 04m:39s
08:05:52 Shame Lampoon 02m:31s
08:03:44 Weatherstate Here In My Hell 02m:09s
08:01:10 Bondage Fairies Clone 02m:37s
08:01:04 Hertz 87.9 ID Prof. Rosenberg 00m:06s
07:57:29 Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks Stay Firm 03m:37s
07:54:10 Juse Ju Der Gargoyle 03m:24s
07:54:03 Hertz 87.9 ID Dear Reader 00m:07s
07:51:28 Brainless Wankers Borsig locomotive 02m:36s
07:48:33 Luek & Marco EU Breakfast 02m:58s
07:47:44 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Open Turntables (2) 00m:49s
07:44:15 Röyskopp Impossible 03m:35s
07:40:51 Mint White Line 03m:28s
07:37:03 Galla Türkischer Honig 03m:49s
07:36:57 Hertz 87.9 ID Soulfly (Max Cavalera) 00m:07s
07:34:10 Escape From The Zoo Heads Up 7 Up 02m:48s
07:30:19 Marathonmann Holzschwert 03m:54s
07:30:18 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
07:26:09 Sarah Lesch Schweigende Schwestern 04m:09s
07:23:58 Shybits AsSeenOnMTV 02m:15s
07:21:26 Little Simz Venom 02m:35s
07:16:15 Faye Webster Kind Of 05m:22s
07:16:14 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
07:11:47 Godsmack Voodoo 04m:28s
07:08:38 CALLA IT DAWNED ON ME 03m:12s
07:06:11 Frank Turner Perfect Score 02m:28s
07:00:59 The Smith Street Band Wipe The Shit-Eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face 05m:14s
07:00:51 Hertz 87.9 ID Coogan's Bluff 00m:07s
06:57:41 Hans Hjelm Really There 03m:17s
06:54:32 Sharon Van Etten You Shadow 03m:10s
06:54:31 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
06:52:30 Mobylettes Summertime 02m:08s
06:52:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Dog Eat Dog 00m:06s
06:48:08 Cat Power Nude As the News 04m:20s
06:48:07 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
06:47:43 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Playlist (Was spielst Du denn da) 00m:24s
06:44:12 Scatterfro Blow Down 03m:31s
06:41:04 Arlo Parks Softly 03m:08s
06:36:43 Duesenjaeger Horde 04m:23s
06:36:25 Hertz 87.9 ID Ohne Werbung 00m:18s
06:33:45 Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip Great Britain 02m:47s
06:31:15 The Garden All Smiles 02m:29s
06:27:51 The Verandas Rocksville 03m:28s
06:25:38 Pascow Joe Strummers Gewissen 02m:13s
06:22:53 Askväder Zealot 02m:47s
06:22:45 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Isolation Berlin 00m:07s
06:20:10 Beach Slang Ride The Wild Haze 02m:36s
06:15:51 Nick Drake Time Has Told Me 04m:22s
06:15:50 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
06:12:32 Blues Pills Low Road 03m:18s
06:10:34 The Rondelles Shanghai Surprise 02m:02s
06:07:21 Kafvka Querdenker klatschen 03m:19s
06:04:12 Ravages Munich (Radio Edit) 03m:11s
06:03:58 Hertz 87.9 ID The Kiez 00m:15s
05:58:38 Shrinari Listen Up 05m:23s
05:57:02 Jeremy Pascal Butterfly 01m:38s
05:56:49 Hertz 87.9 ID Andreas Liebold (Radio Bielefeld) 00m:13s
05:53:24 Le Tigre On Guard 03m:27s
05:49:17 Zoot Woman Living in a Magazine 04m:08s
05:48:32 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Kunststoff 00m:44s
05:45:22 Alyssa Gengos Me and My Reflection 03m:10s
05:42:07 Gang Of Four Do As I Say 03m:20s
05:41:58 Hertz 87.9 ID Hellsongs 00m:09s
05:37:30 Van Morrison Moondance 04m:29s
05:35:14 Neal Hefti Batman Theme 02m:16s
05:30:49 Bubonix Never Forget 04m:25s
05:26:38 Iggy Pop In The Lobby 04m:15s
05:23:02 Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks Stay Firm 03m:37s
05:22:40 Hertz 87.9 ID Dreadnut Inc 00m:23s
05:19:11 The Rapture Whoo! Alright 03m:31s
05:16:22 Skullcrusher Windshield 03m:00s
05:13:23 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Bubblegum Infinity 03m:11s
05:10:40 Jay Royale Thousand Gram Figero (feat Skyzoo) 02m:44s
05:08:15 Polisar, Barry Louis All I Want Is You 02m:31s
05:04:45 Waving The Guns Ich weiß nicht recht 03m:29s
05:01:51 Itchy Poopzkid Better off alone 02m:54s
05:01:43 Hertz 87.9 ID Ronnie James Dio 00m:09s
04:57:29 Guru Never ending Saga 04m:17s
04:53:06 Jesus On Extasy Dead Presidents 04m:23s
04:53:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Washington 00m:05s
04:49:16 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Coming Down 03m:44s
04:46:12 Feralman Believe 03m:07s
04:45:28 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Open Turntables (1) 00m:44s
04:40:42 Pachakuti & Young Vishnu Dédalo de Concreto 04m:57s
04:37:51 Asher Roth Lark On My Go-Kart 02m:55s
04:32:56 Rising The Great White Wall 04m:57s
04:32:51 Hertz 87.9 ID Rainer von Vielen 00m:05s
04:29:22 The Sea New York 03m:33s
04:23:10 Laterns On The Lake Beings 06m:13s
04:19:38 Pershagen Solen aer en trumma 03m:39s
04:15:04 Guru Loungin' 04m:36s
04:10:43 The Carters APESHIT 04m:24s
04:10:37 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Drangsal 00m:06s
04:05:29 Aereogramme Post-Tour, Pre-Judgement 05m:10s
04:03:34 NiftySax Spheres (2021) - 19 - Shaula 01m:58s
04:00:24 The Fratellis Flathead 03m:13s
04:00:04 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 4 Uhr Beim nächsten Ton 00m:20s
03:58:13 Goodshoes The Fotos On My Wall 01m:51s
03:54:52 Fluoxcity Fliesen 03m:30s
03:54:44 Hertz 87.9 ID Coverdale 00m:08s
03:51:50 Jesse Mac Cormack Never Enough 02m:54s
03:48:42 Uèle Lamore Warm Blood feat. Silly boy Blue 03m:18s
03:48:19 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Es müsste immer Musik da sein. 00m:23s
03:41:56 The Legendary Flower Punk Wabi Wu 06m:26s
03:38:15 Silver Columns Cavalier 03m:41s
03:34:59 Songs of Semuria Shake the Disease 03m:21s
03:34:55 Hertz 87.9 ID Anne Clark 00m:04s
03:30:13 Japandroids The House That Heaven Built 04m:46s
03:24:51 Danzig Without light I am 05m:27s
03:21:31 The Mighty Mocambos The Take Off (Part 1) 03m:25s
03:16:36 Robert Glasper Experiment Let It Ride 05m:01s
03:12:59 Anna Calvi Jezebel 03m:38s
03:12:16 Hertz 87.9 ID Jöllenbeck 00m:44s
03:08:19 Twisted Tower Dire Killing Kind 03m:57s
03:04:57 Mogli Aftermath 03m:31s
03:01:50 Onyx Break It Loose 03m:10s
03:01:44 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 3 Uhr Ösi 00m:06s
02:56:32 Tesla Modern Day Cowboy 05m:14s
02:56:28 Hertz 87.9 ID Moneybrother 00m:04s
02:52:44 Chris Read ft. Myles Sanko Magic Is Gone 03m:44s
02:49:05 ParisPanda Heartbeat Part One 03m:43s
02:48:27 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tief im Innern der Universität 00m:37s
02:42:36 Roedelius & Story Nurzu 06m:02s
02:38:25 The Good, The Bad & The Queen Three Changes 04m:12s
02:34:29 Laub Mofa 03m:58s
02:34:20 Hertz 87.9 ID Cloud Control 00m:10s
02:30:31 Joe Armon-Jones & Goya Gumbani Fix It (Radio Edit) 03m:52s
02:25:28 Gary Numan JAgged 05m:11s
02:21:44 Francis harris Useless Machines 03m:55s
02:18:51 TOS Changing Aging 02m:56s
02:14:58 Crosses The Epilogue 03m:55s
02:14:54 Hertz 87.9 ID Kurdt Vanderhoof 00m:05s
02:10:35 Hologram Teen Post-apocalypteacakes 04m:18s
02:06:58 Abigail Ships 03m:42s
02:02:10 Counting Crows A Long December 04m:50s
02:02:03 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 2 Uhr Pendeluhr 00m:07s
01:56:47 Freezepop Super-Sprode (Kodomo Remix) 05m:16s
01:56:29 Hertz 87.9 ID Ohne Werbung 00m:18s
01:52:45 Hulkonen, Jori feat JerryValur Lo-Fiction 03m:45s
01:46:25 Henrix Texier Round About Midnight 06m:29s
01:45:48 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Poesie der Strasse) 00m:38s
01:42:57 Die Piratenbraut 12345und20 02m:51s
01:38:11 Pachakuti & Young Vishnu Dédalo de Concreto 04m:57s
01:33:34 Apparat Steinholz 04m:38s
01:33:27 Hertz 87.9 ID Young Rebel Set 00m:07s
01:30:19 JFDR Orange 03m:11s
01:28:02 Kristoffer Bolander Replace Me 02m:21s
01:25:11 Juri Gagarin Supermarkt 02m:52s
01:15:43 Sonic Youth Basement Contender 09m:34s
01:15:42 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
01:09:29 Alex Kaspersky Arpasol 06m:13s
01:05:51 Skinny Lister Cathy 03m:38s
01:02:17 Lake Turner Honeycomb (Ambient) 03m:34s
01:02:12 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 1 Uhr Ösi 00m:05s
00:56:07 Joanna Gemma Aiguri Molecules Of Light 06m:10s
00:56:02 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Les Yeux Dla Tete 00m:06s
00:52:38 The Thermals Now We Can See 03m:26s
00:48:44 Rodney Cromwell Dreamland 04m:03s
00:47:47 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Funk, Soul und Rap) 00m:56s
00:44:30 Kishi Bashi Philosophize In It! Chemicaliz 03m:18s
00:44:29 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
00:41:08 Maribou State Turnmills 03m:21s
00:37:41 Mission Of Burma Wounded World 03m:27s
00:34:33 Uèle Lamore Warm Blood feat. Silly boy Blue 03m:18s
00:34:09 Hertz 87.9 ID Turbostaat 00m:23s
00:29:06 Stereo MC's Connected 05m:06s
00:22:40 Milagres Glowing Mouth 06m:27s
00:19:58 Eastern Lane I Said Pig on Friday 02m:42s
00:16:11 Phoenician Drive Almadraba 03m:48s
00:11:54 Maya Jane Coles Darkside ft. Chelou 04m:18s
00:11:45 Hertz 87.9 ID Trademark 00m:09s
00:08:15 Durand Jones & The Indications Cruisin' To The Park 03m:31s
00:03:55 Instrumental Endless 04m:22s
00:00:11 Felix da housecat Silver screen shower scene 03m:54s
00:00:02 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 0 Uhr Beim nächsten Ton 00m:09s
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