Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 19.1.2023

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:59:38 Äl Jawala Stronger 04m:28s
23:57:50 The Mar-Keys Grab This Thing 01m:50s
23:57:41 Hertz 87.9 ID Hellsongs 00m:09s
23:54:23 Bibio Quarters 03m:18s
23:50:23 Jungstötter Silence 04m:05s
23:43:44 Fink Bloom Innocent 06m:54s
23:40:20 MOSTER! Myste Re 03m:30s
23:35:51 Umherschweifende Produzenten Elektronische Musik 04m:31s
23:33:24 Nura Was ich meine 02m:27s
23:32:54 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Webseite (Computerfreak) 00m:30s
23:27:21 Gabríel Ólafs Lóa (Niklas Paschburg Rework) 05m:41s
23:23:42 Rome Is Not A Town Careful Like You Cared 03m:40s
23:18:22 Klaxons Gravity's Rainbow (VanSheTech 05m:19s
23:18:15 Hertz 87.9 ID Dear Reader 00m:07s
23:15:54 Richmond Fontaine Westward Ho 02m:27s
23:12:07 trentemøller Cops On Our Tail (feat. DíSA) 03m:48s
23:11:51 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Nicht nüchtern 00m:16s
23:05:34 Timo Veranta & Tour of Soul Calisto 06m:17s
23:02:03 Sorceress Freeloadoubt 03m:31s
23:01:44 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 23 Uhr Hard Day Käfer 00m:19s
23:01:27 Hertz 87.9 Endjingle Fuzz Factory 00m:16s
22:57:52 Jimi Hendrix Little Wing 03m:41s
22:54:09 Altin Gün Kisasa Kisas 03m:46s
22:50:12 The Dandy Warhols Every Day should be a Holiday 03m:59s
22:47:15 Los Bitchos Good to Go! 02m:59s
22:44:42 Left at London My Old Ways 02m:33s
22:40:24 The Avalanches A Different Feeling 04m:23s
22:40:16 Hertz 87.9 Zwischenjingle Fuzz Factory 00m:09s
22:35:49 The Smile Thin Thing 04m:31s
22:32:45 Jefferson Airplane She Has Funny Cars 03m:14s
22:27:39 The Velvet Underground Venus In Furs 05m:06s
22:21:44 Kadavar Eternal Light 05m:54s
22:18:51 The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows 02m:57s
22:16:21 The Seeds The Seeds - Pushin Too Hard 02m:34s
22:16:13 Hertz 87.9 Zwischenjingle Fuzz Factory 00m:09s
22:11:08 Kit Sebastian Yalvarma 05m:08s
22:07:44 Left at London I'm Not Laughing Anymore 03m:25s
22:01:33 Paternoster Blind Children 06m:12s
22:01:16 Hertz 87.9 Jingle Fuzz Factory 00m:17s
21:57:24 Parquet Courts Sunbathing Animal 03m:50s
21:52:32 Everlast Today 04m:52s
21:52:13 Hertz 87.9 ID Shaft 00m:19s
21:48:21 Miike Snow Devil's Work 03m:52s
21:44:38 Hertz 87.9 KOVACS - Fragile (HST) 03m:52s
21:44:37 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
21:43:15 Mannequin Pussy Perfect 01m:21s
21:37:09 SALÒ Rabatt 02m:36s
21:36:37 Hertz 87.9 ID Indiana Jones 00m:32s
21:32:41 Unwound December 04m:03s
21:29:48 The Morning After Art 02m:53s
21:27:21 Frank Turner Perfect Score 02m:28s
21:24:29 Whitney Giving Up 02m:58s
21:21:56 Dj Frensh Je m'oublie ft. SHOTTALEGG 02m:33s
21:19:02 Manic Street Preachers Freedom of Speech Won't Feed My Children 02m:57s
21:15:40 Mile Me Deaf Brando 03m:24s
21:15:15 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Ich würd mein Kind gern in der Sendung kriegen 00m:25s
21:11:35 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Beat The Devil's Tattoo 03m:42s
21:08:32 Damien Jurado Silver Timothy 03m:14s
21:05:34 Bell, Book & Candle Fight Or Flight 02m:59s
21:02:14 Everlast Jump Around 03m:22s
21:01:47 Hertz 87.9 ID Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
20:58:18 Power Plush Utopia 03m:30s
20:55:10 Lexy & K-Paul feat. Yasha Killing Me 03m:10s
20:55:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Mad Sin 00m:09s
20:51:49 Famous Dex Pick It Up ft. A$AP Rocky 03m:11s
20:49:09 Neufundland Kein Scherz 02m:41s
20:45:05 Fad Gadget Collapsing New Peop 04m:08s
20:41:45 Hertz 87.9 Blink-182 - All The Small Things (KLS) 03m:24s
20:38:11 Fazerdaze Little Uneasy 03m:35s
20:38:01 Hertz 87.9 ID Panteon Rococo 00m:10s
20:34:24 The Subways Joli Coeur 03m:38s
20:31:53 Flofilz Rooftops 02m:35s
20:28:18 Friendship On your Mind 03m:37s
20:25:04 John Mayer Waiting On The World To Change 03m:17s
20:21:57 MIMII Traum 03m:19s
20:21:43 Hertz 87.9 ID Lampshade ("Mein Herrrtz brennt") 00m:13s
20:18:03 Now it's Overhead Walls 03m:41s
20:16:48 Painted Thin Kandis' Song 01m:15s
20:15:52 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Funk, Soul und Rap) 00m:56s
20:09:04 Ali Safari WasWas geht 03m:18s
20:08:03 Ponytail Burning Saddles 01m:03s
20:05:34 Aze Sweet Talk 02m:29s
20:01:23 Sneaker Pimps Loretta young silk (acoustic) 04m:15s
20:01:13 Hertz 87.9 ID Lee Hollis 00m:10s
19:57:38 REdefinition Bahia Affair 03m:37s
19:57:11 Hertz 87.9 ID Campusradio für Studierende 00m:27s
19:53:48 Lukas Graham Ordinary Things 03m:25s
19:50:05 Middle Kids Edge Of Town 03m:43s
19:49:39 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Multivitamin fürs Ohr 00m:26s
19:45:28 Charlotte Hatherley Paragon 04m:11s
19:43:27 NASTY Bubblegum Plopp 02m:02s
19:40:08 Benny Sings Nobody's Fault (feat. Tom Misch) 03m:19s
19:40:03 Hertz 87.9 ID VNV Nation 00m:05s
19:37:48 the Movement Waiting 02m:15s
19:35:20 MakeWar No Más 02m:28s
19:30:30 Foals Inhaler 04m:50s
19:27:04 Smile & Burn Apologies And Alibis 03m:26s
19:24:13 ENGST Scheiss Liebeslieder 02m:51s
19:24:03 Hertz 87.9 ID Hugo Race 00m:10s
19:19:59 Danger Dan Lauf Davon 04m:10s
19:16:36 Twin Shadow You Call Me On 03m:26s
19:16:13 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Es müsste immer Musik da sein. 00m:23s
19:13:20 Zebrahead Evil Anonymous 02m:53s
19:12:01 Instrumental Right Off the Back 01m:19s
19:09:00 Lockerbie Reyklyt 03m:09s
19:06:13 great area hearts and minds 02m:48s
19:02:37 Boots Electric I Love You All The Thyme 03m:37s
19:02:21 Hertz 87.9 ID Kurtis Blow 00m:15s
18:58:39 Keah The Wave 03m:44s
18:56:29 Circa Waves Never Going Under 02m:14s
18:52:31 Tu Fawning Sad Story (Radio Edit) 04m:02s
18:49:25 Ozomatli Eva 03m:07s
18:45:30 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Zu viele Rockbands 00m:24s
18:41:47 The Rolling Stones All Down The Line 03m:47s
18:37:46 Teenage Cool Kids Write Back Soon 04m:11s
18:37:36 Hertz 87.9 ID Clawfinger 00m:09s
18:34:53 SATARII Goldregen 02m:46s
18:31:12 We Are Scientists This Scene Is Dead 03m:43s
18:27:31 Crash:Conspiracy Monotype 03m:42s
18:24:41 Beabadoobee Apple Cider 02m:56s
18:22:12 Aze Sweet Talk 02m:29s
18:21:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Dir ein Radio schenken 00m:48s
18:18:18 Camilla Sparkss Europe 03m:07s
18:15:58 Fenster Oh Canyon 02m:22s
18:12:16 dativ boys alte lieder 03m:48s
18:10:12 Pascow Spraypaint The Walls 02m:04s
18:06:06 Spidergawd Your Heritage 04m:11s
18:02:29 The Wallflowers If You Never Got Sick 03m:40s
18:02:15 Hertz 87.9 ID Architecture 00m:14s
17:58:18 Tony Allen Go Back (feat. Damon Albarn) 04m:03s
17:53:03 Pavlidis Identitetris 05m:16s
17:52:52 Hertz 87.9 ID Holzmichel 00m:11s
17:50:23 Mudhoney Let it slide 02m:30s
17:46:34 Alabama Shakes Dont Wanna Fight 03m:48s
17:46:09 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Wir machen unser Radio selbst 00m:26s
17:45:38 Hertz 87.9 ID Komm zu diesem Ort 00m:30s
17:45:34 Hertz 87.9 ID Casper 00m:05s
17:42:24 Sinkane Ya Sudan 03m:14s
17:38:22 mark lenegan band skeletal history 04m:08s
17:35:40 RVIVR Ocean Song 02m:42s
17:31:24 Casper Alles war schön und nichts tat weh 04m:26s
17:28:14 Alyssa Gengos Me and My Reflection 03m:10s
17:25:40 ROGERS Rambazamba & Randale 02m:34s
17:24:54 Hertz 87.9 ID Ghostbusters 00m:47s
17:21:04 Middle Class Rut New Low 03m:50s
17:17:15 This Is The Arrival Metropolis 03m:49s
17:16:41 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Playlist (Wir hüpfen im Rythmus der Musik) 00m:34s
17:14:02 Mise En Scene Hey Velvet 02m:40s
17:09:57 ADNA Black Water 04m:10s
17:05:40 Chantelle Ernandez feat. Irie Ites Bring It Back 04m:20s
17:02:56 Sandrine Where Do We Go 02m:45s
17:02:47 Hertz 87.9 ID Backyard Babies 00m:10s
16:59:41 Zebrahead Middle Seat Blues 03m:06s
16:56:26 Buccaneer(Silly Walks Movement Rude Boy Town 03m:16s
16:56:19 Hertz 87.9 ID Robert Fisher 00m:08s
16:52:34 Cancer Tears 03m:46s
16:49:00 freekind. Good Vibrations 03m:35s
16:44:26 Hertz 87.9 KOVACS - Love Parasite (HST) 04m:35s
16:41:36 BLOWSOM Breathin (Radio Edit) 02m:52s
16:41:29 Hertz 87.9 ID ArtBrut 00m:07s
16:37:53 The Subways Joli Coeur 03m:38s
16:34:58 Beatsteaks Run Run 02m:55s
16:32:53 Frank Turner Out Of Breath 02m:05s
16:28:37 Japandroids North East South West 04m:18s
16:25:39 Mica Millar Trouble 02m:58s
16:25:13 Hertz 87.9 ID Multivitamin fürs Ohr 00m:26s
16:21:36 Cake Cutter Ritmo Sexto 03m:38s
16:17:28 The HU Yuve Yuve Yu 04m:12s
16:16:50 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Poesie der Strasse) 00m:38s
16:13:22 Idle Class Paper Over The Cracks 03m:28s
16:09:34 ZSK Darwin 03m:53s
16:06:36 Bell, Book & Candle Fight Or Flight 02m:59s
16:03:07 Paper Idol James Bond (Radio Edit) 03m:29s
16:03:01 Hertz 87.9 ID Brian Eno 00m:07s
15:59:07 The Streets Blinded By The Lights 04m:42s
15:55:52 Silt In line 03m:15s
15:55:47 Hertz 87.9 ID Chumbawamba 00m:05s
15:53:02 The Gift of Gab Rat Race 02m:49s
15:49:02 The Horrible Crowes Behold The Hurricane 04m:01s
15:48:30 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Hertz 87.9 Stream und App 00m:32s
15:45:58 Percy Sledge Let It Be Me 02m:38s
15:42:21 ENGIN Kiosk Yüksel 03m:46s
15:39:23 MNNQNS Fall Down 02m:59s
15:39:18 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Beatsteaks 00m:05s
15:36:00 I Want Poetry For The Night 03m:21s
15:32:57 Big K.R.I.T. ft. Warren G No Static 03m:05s
15:29:59 Friska Viljor What You Gonna Do 03m:03s
15:25:14 Marvin Tate's D-Settlement Color Blind Society 04m:48s
15:23:10 We Are Only Human Once Not Forever 02m:05s
15:22:56 Hertz 87.9 ID Max 00m:14s
15:20:20 Kadhja Bonet For You 02m:38s
15:16:36 Baths Ossuary 03m:47s
15:16:11 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID Die richtigen Fragen 00m:25s
15:13:12 The Polyphonic Spree Light And Day 03m:00s
15:09:23 Al Pride Kalif Onya 03m:58s
15:05:50 Crimson Spirit I Think I Lost Half Of My Mind 03m:44s
15:02:02 Paper Tiger Never Before 03m:49s
15:01:39 Hertz 87.9 ID Turbostaat 00m:23s
14:57:58 Junip Walking Lightly 03m:46s
14:54:32 I'm Not a Band Leave This World Behind 03m:30s
14:54:27 Hertz 87.9 ID Raveonettes 00m:05s
14:51:22 Sports Team Fishing 03m:06s
14:47:09 Hertz 87.9 KOVACS - Goldmine (HST) 04m:14s
14:44:45 BLUTHUND feat. Taby Pilgrim Je Neu Desto Geil 02m:25s
14:41:35 Rasputin Liebe Tut Weh 03m:10s
14:41:22 Hertz 87.9 ID Oliver Welke 00m:12s
14:37:48 The Knife Girls' night out 03m:35s
14:35:00 The Weakerthans The Reasons 02m:49s
14:31:16 Märvel Thunderblood Heart 03m:44s
14:28:09 Ali Barter Backseat 03m:11s
14:25:04 Zebrahead Middle Seat Blues 03m:06s
14:25:00 Hertz 87.9 ID Cooper Temple Clause 00m:04s
14:21:39 Jo Stance Hey Girl! 03m:24s
14:18:10 Neimo Hot Girl 03m:29s
14:17:42 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
14:13:44 Sarah McCoy Sorry For You 04m:01s
14:10:05 Everything Everything Distant Past 03m:39s
14:06:09 Sylvan Esso Coffee 03m:56s
14:03:12 Mica Millar Trouble 02m:58s
14:00:27 Lorde Sober II (Melodrama) 02m:48s
14:00:23 Hertz 87.9 ID Shout Out Louds 00m:04s
13:56:42 The Bronx White Guilt 03m:45s
13:53:36 The Black Box Revelation High On A Wire 03m:07s
13:53:31 Hertz 87.9 ID Death Cab For Cutie 00m:05s
13:50:07 Metric Monster Hospital 03m:26s
13:47:11 GINA ÉTÉ Attention Attention 02m:56s
13:44:05 Other Half In My Wires 03m:07s
13:40:48 Daniel Johnston Don't let the sun go down to.. 03m:17s
13:40:19 Hertz 87.9 ID Merde 00m:31s
13:36:45 Get Well Soon Staying Home 03m:35s
13:32:17 Hymie's Basement 21st Century Pop Song 04m:28s
13:28:54 Cat Power He War 03m:25s
13:25:44 As It Is The Wounded World 03m:10s
13:23:11 Dj Frensh Je m'oublie ft. SHOTTALEGG 02m:33s
13:23:04 Hertz 87.9 ID Metallica (Kirk Hammett) 00m:07s
13:19:44 Georgia Nothing Soloutions 03m:20s
13:16:54 Painted Shrines Moon Will Rise 02m:56s
13:16:17 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tief im Innern der Universität 00m:37s
13:13:42 RUSSKAJA No Borders 02m:35s
13:11:33 MxPx Broken Bones 02m:11s
13:08:11 Mid City Old Habits 03m:24s
13:05:38 ROGERS Rambazamba & Randale 02m:34s
13:01:06 Blood Red Shoes This Is Not For You 04m:32s
12:58:33 Instrumental One More Devil 02m:34s
12:54:56 Fad Gadget Life On The Line 03m:50s
12:54:52 Hertz 87.9 ID BloodRedShoes 00m:04s
12:51:41 Irie Révoltés Jetzt! 03m:11s
12:47:36 Hertz 87.9 KOVACS - Bang Bang (HST) 04m:09s
12:47:12 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Playlist (Was spielst Du denn da) 00m:24s
12:42:30 FAYGO She Loves Us All 04m:47s
12:39:34 Eau Rouge Saturation 03m:02s
12:39:29 Hertz 87.9 ID Rainald Grebe 00m:05s
12:36:13 The Blues Brothers Everybody Needs Somebody To Love 03m:18s
12:33:26 Mona Teenager 02m:50s
12:29:54 beabadoobee Emo Song 03m:39s
12:26:16 Bene Lost Cause 03m:40s
12:22:39 The Subways Joli Coeur 03m:38s
12:22:19 Hertz 87.9 ID Cowboy 00m:20s
12:18:52 The Casting Out Let It Bleed 03m:28s
12:15:54 Mykki Blanco Thats Folks feat. Big Freedia 02m:59s
12:12:31 Puma Blue Velvet Leaves 03m:28s
12:08:43 Superlove THINK ABT U 03m:51s
12:05:45 Enter Shikari (pls) set me on fire 03m:04s
12:03:17 Freiburg Der Hafen abgebrannt 02m:35s
12:03:10 Hertz 87.9 ID Lowry 00m:07s
11:59:38 Hercules & Love Affair Omnion 03m:39s
11:56:30 DAD No Hero 03m:08s
11:53:22 FIDLAR West Coast 03m:10s
11:53:02 Hertz 87.9 ID Über Bielefeld 00m:19s
11:50:16 Brian Setzer Orchestra 49 Mercury Blues 02m:47s
11:47:31 Action Bronson Golden Eye 02m:48s
11:46:59 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Mein Schuppen 00m:31s
11:42:56 Alabama 3 Woke Up This Morning 04m:03s
11:42:31 Hertz 87.9 ID Ich würd mein Kind gern in der Sendung kriegen 00m:25s
11:39:48 Press Club Get Better 02m:43s
11:36:32 Berry Galazka Man Can't Hang 03m:16s
11:33:38 Gods of Blitz New Wave Wipe-Out 02m:54s
11:27:57 OXI Blue String 05m:50s
11:25:09 Das Lumpenpack Ich kann das alles nicht mehr 02m:48s
11:25:01 Hertz 87.9 ID Spain 00m:08s
11:19:55 Banda Internationale Rassist 05m:07s
11:17:14 Ant Antic Strong 02m:42s
11:16:30 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Open Turntables (1) 00m:44s
11:13:08 MARIUS fleissig verteidigt 03m:24s
11:11:19 Descendants `Merican 01m:49s
11:08:12 Kula Shaker Super CB Operator 03m:08s
11:04:39 CVC Good Morning Vietnam 03m:34s
11:00:58 Fyfe For You 03m:42s
11:00:54 Hertz 87.9 ID Kettcar (Reimer) 00m:04s
10:57:43 James Vincent McMorrow One Thousand Times 03m:15s
10:57:42 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
10:55:20 The F-Ups Lazy Generation 02m:22s
10:55:13 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Isolation Berlin 00m:07s
10:51:37 Monaural Voice Inside The Castle Wall 03m:36s
10:47:53 Hertz 87.9 KOVACS - Fragile (HST) 03m:52s
10:47:52 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
10:44:15 The Murlocs Bittersweet Demons 03m:37s
10:41:35 Neufundland Kein Scherz 02m:41s
10:38:54 The Rifles Fall To Sorrow 02m:41s
10:38:51 Hertz 87.9 ID Spaceman Spiff 00m:03s
10:35:21 Einar Stray Orchestra Penny For Your Thoughts 03m:32s
10:32:15 Arctic Monkeys Science Fiction 03m:06s
10:28:34 Return To Reno Road To Reno 03m:41s
10:25:36 Say Anything Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too 02m:58s
10:21:34 DELAIN Moth to a Flame 04m:03s
10:21:28 Hertz 87.9 ID Dietmar Wischmeyer 2 00m:06s
10:19:23 Ramones Rockaway Beach 02m:05s
10:16:49 An Horse This Is A Song 02m:36s
10:16:04 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Kunststoff 00m:44s
10:12:40 The Arkanes Dont Act Like You Know Me 03m:24s
10:09:36 Life of agony I should have known 03m:07s
10:06:03 CVC Good Morning Vietnam 03m:34s
10:01:23 Saian Supa Crew A demi nue 04m:40s
10:01:19 Hertz 87.9 ID UFO 00m:04s
10:01:02 Musik Jingle Jukebox 00m:17s
09:58:48 Circa Waves Never Going Under 02m:14s
09:55:16 Crimson Spirit I Think I Lost Half Of My Mind 03m:44s
09:51:07 Kraków Loves Adana Hiding In My Room 04m:14s
09:50:57 Musik Jingle Neu auf Hertz 00m:09s
09:47:20 Altin Gün Rak?ya Su Katamam 03m:39s
09:43:43 ENGIN Kiosk Yüksel 03m:46s
09:43:34 Musik Jingle Neu auf Hertz 00m:09s
09:39:32 DELAIN Moth to a Flame 04m:03s
09:35:15 Chantelle Ernandez feat. Irie Ites Bring It Back 04m:20s
09:32:17 Mica Millar Trouble 02m:58s
09:31:54 Musik Jingle Jukebox Zwischenjingle 00m:23s
09:29:07 Symba Late Time 02m:56s
09:25:29 Altin Gün Rak?ya Su Katamam 03m:39s
09:22:19 Pascow Mailand 03m:13s
09:22:09 Musik Jingle Neu auf Hertz 00m:09s
09:15:05 Tennis Let's Make A Mistake 04m:10s
09:14:56 Musik Jingle Neu auf Hertz 00m:09s
09:11:59 Enter Shikari (pls) set me on fire 03m:04s
09:08:29 Sharktank Shame 03m:36s
09:05:32 Masha The Rich Man His Rebel Heart 02m:59s
09:02:58 ROGERS Rambazamba & Randale 02m:34s
09:02:41 Hertz 87.9 Jingle Jukebox 00m:17s
08:59:07 Fazerdaze Little Uneasy 03m:35s
08:55:25 Underworld Another Silent Way 03m:45s
08:52:40 Less Than Jake A Return to Headphones 02m:45s
08:48:05 Hattler Dimitri 04m:37s
08:47:16 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Open Turntables (2) 00m:49s
08:43:39 Bronwyn Okay 03m:51s
08:39:40 DAS EFX G Music 04m:04s
08:39:34 Hertz 87.9 ID Thomas Gsella 00m:06s
08:35:23 Charlotte Hatherley Paragon 04m:11s
08:31:56 The Internet She Dgaf 03m:28s
08:28:48 KOVACS Bang Bang 03m:11s
08:25:36 Fat Jon Everywhere 03m:17s
08:21:59 The Subways Joli Coeur 03m:38s
08:21:55 Hertz 87.9 ID Turin Brakes (Olli) 00m:05s
08:19:24 Thao & The Get Down Stay Down Holy Roller 02m:32s
08:16:06 Smith Westerns End Of The Night 03m:22s
08:12:18 Friendly Fires In The Hospital 03m:48s
08:08:45 Stella Donnelly Old Man 03m:33s
08:04:37 Tennis Let's Make A Mistake 04m:10s
08:00:57 Wir Sind Helden Panique 03m:41s
08:00:43 Hertz 87.9 ID Asaf Avidan and The Mojos 2 00m:14s
07:56:26 The Pineapple Tree Demons 04m:20s
07:56:18 Hertz 87.9 ID King Khan 00m:09s
07:53:39 Health Death 02m:39s
07:50:42 Masha The Rich Man His Rebel Heart 02m:59s
07:49:40 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser Seminar: On Air bei Hertz 87.9 01m:02s
07:45:51 Sunny Legacy Unconditional Love 04m:00s
07:43:15 Blood Wizard Carcrash 02m:36s
07:39:43 Minimal Schlager Forbidden Fruit 03m:34s
07:39:20 Hertz 87.9 ID Schlager 00m:23s
07:36:22 Bell, Book & Candle Fight Or Flight 02m:59s
07:32:59 Marco Z I'm A Bird 03m:26s
07:32:58 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
07:29:12 Johnny Flynn Wandering Aengus 03m:46s
07:26:27 Cool Aid Can't Handle 02m:46s
07:24:32 Kaizers Orchestra Bak Et Halleluja 01m:55s
07:21:12 Hertz 87.9 Blink-182 - All The Small Things (KLS) 03m:24s
07:17:55 Patrick Wolf Wind In The Wires 03m:17s
07:14:15 Bleached Rebound City 03m:45s
07:10:36 Porridge Radio Sweet 03m:38s
07:06:34 DELAIN Moth to a Flame 04m:03s
07:03:43 The Real McKenzies Stephen's Green 02m:51s
07:03:38 Hertz 87.9 ID Afrob 00m:05s
06:59:35 Mausberg Tha Truth Is... 04m:03s
06:57:36 Love A Nachbarn 01m:59s
06:54:54 Bilal feat. Kendrick Lamar Money Over Love 02m:43s
06:54:45 Hertz 87.9 ID Koljah (Antilopen Gang) Neu 00m:10s
06:52:20 Porfi Baloa Sueños de Libertad 02m:27s
06:47:46 Hertz 87.9 KOVACS - Love Parasite (HST) 04m:35s
06:47:34 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tierische Musik 00m:12s
06:43:45 Sunny Legacy Unconditional Love 04m:00s
06:40:54 Cold Cave Life Magazine 02m:52s
06:40:37 Hertz 87.9 ID Lothar Sippel 00m:17s
06:37:04 N.A.S.A. Gifted 03m:36s
06:33:48 Werle & Stankowski Sound of my Guitar 03m:17s
06:29:56 The Hidden Cameras Carpe Jugular 03m:53s
06:27:38 Lovegrenade Hategrenade 02m:18s
06:23:55 PAULINKO Bis die Sonne aufwacht (Extended Version) 03m:45s
06:23:50 Hertz 87.9 ID Donots 00m:06s
06:19:44 XTC Making Plans For Nigel 04m:09s
06:15:54 No Devotion Eyeshadow 03m:50s
06:12:00 Kissogram Forsaken People Come To Me 03m:54s
06:08:00 Paris Evil 04m:00s
06:05:13 great area hearts and minds 02m:48s
06:00:46 Ryan O'Reilly Never Brought To Mind 04m:36s
06:00:41 Hertz 87.9 ID Deine Lakaien 00m:05s
05:57:41 Circa Waves Stuck In My Teeth 03m:01s
05:57:20 Hertz 87.9 ID Jacques Palminger 00m:20s
05:53:05 King Krule The Krockadile 04m:32s
05:49:42 The National You Had Your Soul With You 03m:23s
05:49:24 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Ohne Werbung 00m:18s
05:45:34 Strung Out Tesla 03m:50s
05:45:29 Hertz 87.9 ID Crystal Fighters 00m:06s
05:42:24 Sodastream Undone 03m:06s
05:38:57 Roland Kirk Hip Chops 03m:30s
05:35:38 I Want Poetry For The Night 03m:21s
05:32:08 Keane We Might As Well Be Strangers 03m:36s
05:28:06 DELAIN Moth to a Flame 04m:03s
05:27:58 Hertz 87.9 ID Und abends läuft auch immer 87.9 00m:08s
05:24:12 Childhood Californian Light 03m:49s
05:19:58 Disclosure Latch (feat. Sam Smith) 04m:14s
05:19:20 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Nachrichten 00m:38s
05:14:56 Pillow Queens Gay Girls 04m:25s
05:10:37 Dynamic 7 Squeeze Me 04m:20s
05:07:02 Verne KEEP HOPE ALIVE 03m:40s
05:03:29 TempEau Junge im Schnee 03m:35s
05:03:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Black Seeds 00m:05s
04:59:38 L.A. Salami Terrorism The Isis Crisis 03m:46s
04:55:19 Reaper Angst 04m:21s
04:55:15 Hertz 87.9 ID Supervixen 00m:06s
04:51:42 Casey Veggies She In My Car 03m:40s
04:46:54 Leftfield This Is What We Do 04m:48s
04:46:31 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Zu viele Rockbands 00m:24s
04:44:20 Clorox Girls Looking At You 02m:11s
04:41:26 LORD OF THE LOST Blood & Glitter 02m:56s
04:37:58 The Gathering Your troubles are over 03m:33s
04:34:22 I Am you Lost in Desire 03m:39s
04:34:13 Hertz 87.9 ID Friska Viljor 00m:08s
04:31:42 Dropkick Murphys Im Shipping Up To Boston 02m:33s
04:23:08 Odalie Emerod 08m:43s
04:19:05 Beast In Black Blade Runner 04m:04s
04:15:25 Mac Miller Funeral 03m:44s
04:13:06 I Hate Sally Martha Served 02m:19s
04:08:13 XANDRIA The Wonders Still Awaiting 04m:54s
04:02:45 Dumbsaint Love Thy Neighbour 05m:31s
04:02:25 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 4 Uhr Beim nächsten Ton 00m:20s
03:58:52 Romare High 03m:37s
03:54:54 Basement Jaxx Fly Life 03m:59s
03:54:32 Hertz 87.9 ID Kaffee & Zigaretten 00m:22s
03:50:56 Hilltop Hoods Nosebleed Section 03m:36s
03:47:09 trentemøller Cops On Our Tail (feat. DíSA) 03m:48s
03:46:39 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Webseite (Computerfreak) 00m:30s
03:39:30 Ulver Lost In Moments 07m:10s
03:39:22 Hertz 87.9 ID Franzoesisch 00m:07s
03:36:28 The Family Dog Traumadol 02m:54s
03:31:08 Awaken The Reflection 05m:25s
03:23:12 Todd Duff The Rhythm 08m:11s
03:18:59 Lupe Fiasco Hurt Me Soul 04m:19s
03:13:24 Akanoid The Next Level 05m:44s
03:07:36 Lenz Still I Rise 05m:57s
03:02:46 The Von Duesz Alert Me 04m:51s
03:02:40 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 3 Uhr Ösi 00m:06s
02:59:25 Darjeeling Oh Darling 03m:14s
02:56:24 Low Life Loretta Six Feet Under 03m:03s
02:56:10 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Sven Pistor 00m:15s
02:53:15 Naive New Beaters Worries 02m:55s
02:47:36 AFTER LAPSE where no one cares 05m:40s
02:47:12 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Es müsste immer Musik da sein. 00m:23s
02:43:46 Kissogram Teenage Dance 03m:28s
02:39:48 CATT I'M THE WIND 04m:01s
02:35:47 Aplombo Ballistic (Radio Edit) 04m:04s
02:32:31 K-Otix Knick Knack 03m:16s
02:32:27 Hertz 87.9 ID Belasco 00m:04s
02:28:07 Instrumental Endless 04m:22s
02:24:24 V Power To The People 03m:44s
02:19:47 Daniel Steinberg Brain Storm 04m:51s
02:16:39 Riefenstahl Es tut so weh 03m:11s
02:16:14 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID Die richtigen Fragen 00m:25s
02:12:34 The xx On Hold 03m:40s
02:07:57 Panda Bear Inner Monologue 04m:37s
02:04:10 trentemøller Cops On Our Tail (feat. DíSA) 03m:48s
02:00:46 MOSTER! Myste Re 03m:30s
02:00:42 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 2 Uhr Ösi 00m:04s
01:55:56 Maria Peszek Kobiety Pistolety 04m:47s
01:49:59 Stabbing Westward Burn 06m:17s
01:49:58 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
01:44:03 Blackmill Miracle 05m:55s
01:36:42 BOHO & MILLA LOU The Drama (Freudenthal Remix). 07m:20s
01:32:28 The Stone Roses Beautiful Thing 04m:14s
01:32:23 Hertz 87.9 ID Get Well Soon 00m:05s
01:26:43 The Whip The Trash (South Central Rmx) 05m:40s
01:22:28 Sons of the Sun Underwater Dreaming (Nawfside Instrumental Mix) 04m:15s
01:19:27 Talk Show Stress 03m:09s
01:15:31 Daughter Be On Your Way 04m:00s
01:15:05 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Multivitamin fürs Ohr 00m:26s
01:11:45 the Kabeedies Jitterbug Re Edit 03m:22s
01:06:27 Lump Hand Hold Hero 05m:26s
01:00:56 Moses Boyd Y.O.Y.O 05m:31s
01:00:47 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 1 Uhr Jazz 00m:09s
00:57:44 Nick Pride & The Pimptones Take Care of My Love 03m:04s
00:53:47 MST Tek Elli 03m:57s
00:53:36 Hertz 87.9 ID Holzmichel 00m:11s
00:49:15 I. JORDAN Always Been 04m:23s
00:45:33 FJORT Mantra 03m:43s
00:41:16 Meilir Tomos Music For Typewriter 04m:20s
00:38:11 Albin Lee Meldau Persistence 03m:05s
00:30:32 Ada I Love Asphalt 07m:39s
00:30:18 Hertz 87.9 ID The Kiez 00m:15s
00:26:30 Hooded Fang Tosta Mista 03m:49s
00:22:26 More Ghost Than Man Trust The Physician 04m:06s
00:19:09 Tiga Planet E 03m:18s
00:16:32 Lalo Schifrin Dirty Harry 02m:38s
00:15:55 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tief im Innern der Universität 00m:37s
00:13:10 Pom Poko Andrew 02m:47s
00:13:04 Hertz 87.9 ID Camouflage 00m:06s
00:07:28 Ziggy Funk Brondesbury Park 05m:37s
00:05:09 Marianne Faithfull with Warren Ellis She Walks in Beauty 02m:24s
00:00:12 Son Lux White Lies 04m:57s
00:00:01 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 0 Uhr Jazz 00m:11s
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