Hertz 87,9 - Playlist vom 17.7.2023

Uhrzeit Künstler Titel Dauer
23:59:17 Marey Synthetic 04m:40s
23:59:08 Hertz 87.9 ID King Khan 00m:09s
23:52:14 St. Germain Rose Rouge 06m:55s
23:49:36 Les McCann Boo-Go-Loo 02m:42s
23:49:02 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Playlist (Wir hüpfen im Rythmus der Musik) 00m:34s
23:45:36 mïus Clappp (radio edit) 03m:29s
23:43:01 Bikini Beach Stars 02m:46s
23:42:59 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
23:39:38 Ultrademon Weedtangclan 03m:21s
23:33:59 Uakoz Inverse 05m:39s
23:30:59 Blink 182 Every time I look for you 03m:03s
23:26:36 Jo Stance Tell Me Girls 04m:25s
23:18:53 King Hannah Meal Deal 07m:48s
23:18:36 Hertz 87.9 ID Frank Buschmann 00m:18s
23:14:56 Jawbreaker Save Your Generation 03m:43s
23:11:46 Einmusik I'll Follow (feat. Richard Judge) 03m:12s
23:10:44 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser Seminar: On Air bei Hertz 87.9 01m:02s
23:05:20 MGMT Electric Feel (Justice Remix) 05m:24s
23:02:41 Bulgarian Cartrader Mavrud 02m:42s
23:02:37 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 23 Uhr Ösi 00m:05s
22:58:17 Queensryche Queensryche-No. 156 04m:26s
22:51:41 A Pale Horse Named Death When The World Becomes Undone 06m:36s
22:45:56 Sleep Inside The Sun 05m:45s
22:41:44 Amorphis On A Stranded Shore 04m:13s
22:38:26 At The Gates Captor Of Sin 03m:17s
22:38:19 ID Slayer (Jeff Hannemann) Hard Attack 00m:07s
22:35:18 Parkway Drive Carrion 03m:05s
22:29:39 Enchant Holding the wind 05m:39s
22:26:14 1917 Efugio De Los Lamentos 03m:28s
22:22:06 Jotnar Remaining Still 04m:09s
22:21:57 Musik Jingle Hard Attack Shout 2 00m:08s
22:14:06 Black Sabbath War pigs 07m:52s
22:09:10 Alestorm The quest 04m:56s
22:04:16 Dark Tranquillity The Dark Unbroken 04m:53s
22:01:25 Korn Please Come For Me 02m:51s
22:01:09 Hertz 87.9 Jingle HardAttack 2018 00m:17s
21:56:23 PRE-Be-UN Mysteriously in Love 04m:44s
21:56:04 Hertz 87.9 ID Shaft 00m:19s
21:51:23 Foetus Miracle 04m:46s
21:47:30 Hertz 87.9 Beastie Boys - Super Disco Breakin (KLS) 03m:53s
21:46:52 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Poesie der Strasse) 00m:38s
21:44:14 Cassia High Tones 02m:40s
21:40:35 VAIT Claus Cash 03m:42s
21:40:22 Hertz 87.9 ID Oliver Welke 00m:12s
21:37:51 DAMONA Young & Beautiful 02m:32s
21:34:35 ELO Calling America 03m:21s
21:31:44 Deckchair Solid Lie 02m:53s
21:31:42 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
21:30:03 Team Tyson It's Not Certain 01m:39s
21:26:30 Popes Of Chillitown Short Straw 03m:37s
21:26:08 Hertz 87.9 ID Lala 00m:21s
21:23:20 Fiona Bevan Rebel Without A Cause 02m:49s
21:18:24 Derek & The Dominos Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 04m:56s
21:14:55 Dr. Horse Jack The Cat Was Clean 03m:29s
21:12:33 Toy Horses No One's Ever Gonna Leave You 02m:23s
21:09:40 Cari Cari My Grandma Says We Have No Future 02m:52s
21:06:55 Kai Kwasi Cracks 02m:46s
21:06:50 Hertz 87.9 ID Death Cab For Cutie 2 00m:07s
20:02:25 Hertz 87.9 Kunststoff Comictalk - 17.07.2023 01h:04m:34s
19:59:10 Stray Colors Pada Kisa 03m:16s
19:57:56 I Hate Our Freedom It's No First 7inch 01m:14s
19:54:32 Spiritualized She Kissed Me 03m:25s
19:54:27 Hertz 87.9 ID Bolzenbande 00m:04s
19:52:21 Dwarves Salt Lake City 02m:07s
19:48:17 Au Revoir Simone Sad Song 04m:04s
19:47:39 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Nachrichten 00m:38s
19:43:45 Asking Alexandria Psycho 03m:56s
19:41:02 The Hidden Cameras Doot Doot Plot 02m:43s
19:40:55 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Isolation Berlin 00m:07s
19:37:49 Juzayno Blackholed You 03m:09s
19:35:12 K.ZIA Rise 02m:39s
19:31:20 Highs Highs - Closetalkers 03m:54s
19:27:56 Dota Kerr Das Wesen der Glut 03m:24s
19:25:08 Freyr Why Aren't You Satisfied 02m:50s
19:25:01 Hertz 87.9 ID Utah Saints 00m:07s
19:22:29 Jay Reatard Hammer I Miss You 02m:35s
19:18:48 Transistor Girl Come Back To Me 2.0 03m:47s
19:17:59 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Open Turntables (2) 00m:49s
19:14:55 ARY HIMALAYAN ROAD 03m:08s
19:12:23 Sophisticated Boom Boom Number One In Radio 02m:33s
19:09:45 Buzzcocks Wish I Never Loved You 02m:38s
19:06:53 Cari Cari My Grandma Says We Have No Future 02m:52s
19:02:36 Shorthand Phonetics Chivalry is lost on some peopl 04m:17s
19:02:28 Hertz 87.9 ID You Say France & I Whistle 00m:08s
18:58:54 Popes Of Chillitown Short Straw 03m:37s
18:55:54 The Velveteers Brightest Light 03m:07s
18:55:47 Hertz 87.9 ID Neonschwarz 00m:07s
18:52:10 IllectronicRock Between Heaven and Here 03m:39s
18:48:16 Brass Riot Make A Move 03m:55s
18:48:01 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Nicht nüchtern 00m:16s
18:45:10 Peter Murphy Velocity Bird 02m:52s
18:42:18 Tiga Shoes 02m:52s
18:42:15 Hertz 87.9 ID ClickClickDecker 00m:04s
18:39:46 yaelzoe Dance 02m:30s
18:35:56 De-Phazz Good boy (RmxEdit) 03m:57s
18:32:15 We Are Little Barrie Free Salute 03m:46s
18:32:13 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
18:28:05 Funkadelic You'll Like It Too 04m:08s
18:25:12 KAPA TULT Strassenbahn 02m:54s
18:25:08 Hertz 87.9 ID Frank Turner 1 00m:03s
18:20:47 Kaskadeur Part Of Your DNA 04m:21s
18:16:58 Fuck Art, Let's Dance! The Conqueror 03m:50s
18:13:21 Warhaus Mad World 03m:38s
18:10:06 Wigald Boning Lost In London 03m:19s
18:06:35 FRAUPAUL Italien 03m:31s
18:02:55 SKAOS Better Beware 03m:41s
18:02:51 Hertz 87.9 Station ID George Fitzgerald 00m:04s
17:59:58 Laura Veirs July Flame 02m:54s
17:57:23 Vic Ruggiero Taking Care Of Business 02m:36s
17:54:14 Worth+Strain CrossRoads 03m:15s
17:54:10 Hertz 87.9 ID John Peel 00m:04s
17:51:01 Ravages Munich (Radio Edit) 03m:11s
17:47:31 Panzerballett Mind Your Head 03m:34s
17:47:08 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Zu viele Rockbands 00m:24s
17:44:07 LOBSTERBOMB Lovebomb 03m:02s
17:40:25 Liza Anne Panic Attack 03m:42s
17:40:15 Hertz 87.9 ID Cecilia Ahern 00m:11s
17:36:12 Azure Ray Shouldn't Have Loved 04m:06s
17:33:03 Skinny Lister Trouble On Oxford Street 03m:09s
17:29:36 The Maytals Monkey man 03m:29s
17:26:21 Veruca Salt Volcano Girls 03m:16s
17:23:47 Karen Méndez Ley 67 02m:34s
17:23:36 Hertz 87.9 ID Herbert Feuerstein 00m:11s
17:20:23 The Poets Of Rhythm Ham Gallrey 03m:16s
17:17:27 Mura Masa Deal Wiv It (with Slowthai) 02m:56s
17:14:44 The Pinpricks Anyway 02m:44s
17:10:45 Miss Kittin Meet Sue Be She 04m:01s
17:06:14 Lagréne, Biréli All Of Me 04m:31s
17:03:46 yaelzoe Dance 02m:30s
17:00:54 the All Seeing I Drive Savely Darlin 02m:53s
17:00:28 Hertz 87.9 ID Multivitamin fürs Ohr 00m:26s
16:57:06 The Gossip Listen Up! 03m:26s
16:57:04 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
16:53:34 Fad Gadget For whom The Bells Toll 03m:30s
16:53:05 Hertz 87.9 ID Video killed the Radiostar 00m:29s
16:49:32 Kele Tenderoni (radio edit) 03m:36s
16:49:30 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
16:48:58 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Hertz 87.9 Stream und App 00m:32s
16:45:19 Atreyu Gone 03m:41s
16:42:25 Turbine Weststadt Ich Bin Depressiv 02m:55s
16:42:09 Hertz 87.9 ID Luzifer 2 00m:15s
16:39:27 Eastern Lane I Said Pig on Friday 02m:42s
16:35:37 Schneller Autos Organisation Zwei im Sinn 03m:55s
16:31:59 Bonnie Prince Billie Quail no unplugs 03m:44s
16:31:57 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
16:27:59 Bob Moses Too Much Is Never Enough 03m:58s
16:24:25 Popes Of Chillitown Short Straw 03m:37s
16:24:17 Hertz 87.9 ID Blumfeld (Jochen Distelmeyer) 00m:08s
16:20:01 The National Eucalyptus 04m:20s
16:17:26 The Are The Drive 02m:42s
16:14:56 Poulish Kid Fairytale 02m:32s
16:12:14 Franz Ferdinand Evil Eye (radio version) 02m:44s
16:09:19 ...But Alive Niemand beisst die Hand, die einen füttert 02m:55s
16:06:30 Alice Merton Charlie Brown 02m:49s
16:03:24 Sentilo Sono Condor 03m:07s
16:03:19 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Harry McVeigh von White Lies 00m:05s
15:59:17 Neko Case City Swans 04m:03s
15:57:38 Curlee Wurlee Pestonette 01m:42s
15:54:55 Wax Tailor Que Sera 02m:44s
15:54:51 Hertz 87.9 ID Kettcar (Reimer) 00m:04s
15:51:31 Wolf Alice Giant Peach 03m:20s
15:49:34 Black Francis Corrina 02m:00s
15:49:11 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Es müsste immer Musik da sein. 00m:23s
15:45:17 Oh Land White Nights (Twin Shadow Mix) 04m:03s
15:42:12 ARY HIMALAYAN ROAD 03m:08s
15:38:36 Zebrahead Hell Yeah! 03m:37s
15:38:30 Hertz 87.9 ID Ash 00m:06s
15:35:16 Des Rocs Hanging by a Thread 03m:17s
15:32:30 Jakuzi istemezdim 02m:46s
15:29:36 My Ugly Clementine Who 02m:58s
15:25:36 Taffari feat. Anthony B. Rise up 04m:03s
15:22:40 Melicious THINK ABOUT U 03m:01s
15:22:14 Hertz 87.9 ID König der Löwen 00m:26s
15:18:56 Bat for Lashes Desert Man 03m:23s
15:16:25 X Raiders Chop Some Wood 02m:30s
15:15:58 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Radio hat uns was beigebracht 00m:28s
15:11:35 Plastic Rhino Bleeding Heart 04m:33s
15:08:33 Pitchshifter We Know 03m:09s
15:06:05 yaelzoe Dance 02m:30s
15:03:08 Quasi Blasted 02m:58s
15:03:04 Hertz 87.9 ID Von Spar 00m:04s
14:58:15 Lo Budget + Lee Buddah Eins zwei 04m:49s
14:54:11 The Leisure Society A Matter Of Time 04m:05s
14:51:30 The Subways Rock & Roll Queen 02m:46s
14:50:55 Hertz 87.9 ID Die Ärzte 00m:35s
14:47:31 Rocko Schamoni Zum ersten Mal 03m:27s
14:47:29 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
14:46:52 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tief im Innern der Universität 00m:37s
14:44:13 Cassia High Tones 02m:40s
14:41:12 Ephemera Girls Keep Secrets In The Stra 03m:03s
14:41:03 Hertz 87.9 ID H. Skowronek, ehem. Rektor 00m:09s
14:37:33 Harrison Brome Fill Your Brains 03m:36s
14:32:18 Pavlidis Identitetris 05m:16s
14:28:42 The Hot Damn! I Didn't Like You Anyway (radio edit) 03m:38s
14:28:40 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
14:24:34 Hamilton Leithauser feat. Rostam A 1000 Times 04m:07s
14:21:45 Alice Merton Charlie Brown 02m:49s
14:21:40 Hertz 87.9 ID The Electric Club 00m:05s
14:17:39 Oracles Melt Tonight. 04m:04s
14:15:24 Nashi44 Magic Clit (Mastered By Queer Ear Mastering) 02m:16s
14:11:03 Laika Black Cat Bone 04m:22s
14:08:24 Siri Svegler Painkiller 02m:40s
14:04:48 Paula Carolina Das Ende 03m:41s
14:00:15 Adam Cohen What Other Guy 04m:37s
14:00:05 Hertz 87.9 ID Downpilot 00m:10s
13:57:07 Mild High Club Me Myself and Dollar Hell 03m:00s
13:56:51 Hertz 87.9 Ja koennte ich 00m:16s
13:52:31 Love Amongst Ruin So Close 04m:20s
13:49:47 Unbunny Straw On A Camel's Back 02m:49s
13:49:12 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi - Regierung stürzen 00m:35s
13:45:56 Sweet Promises You Shatter 03m:16s
13:41:32 Battles FF Bada 04m:25s
13:41:11 Hertz 87.9 ID Tiken Jah Fakoly 00m:20s
13:38:03 Sailors My time 03m:08s
13:33:35 Gloom Sleeper The Spectre 04m:36s
13:29:56 Sharon Van Etten Taking Chances 03m:41s
13:26:18 All We Are Feel Safe 03m:39s
13:22:43 Cherise Not A Love Song 03m:38s
13:22:37 Hertz 87.9 ID Rotfront 00m:05s
13:19:13 Needle And The Pain Reaction Follow Me 03m:24s
13:15:37 Dusty Voodoo 03m:37s
13:12:33 ARY HIMALAYAN ROAD 03m:08s
13:09:28 The Drippers No Stars 03m:09s
13:06:02 Switchfood Mess Of Me 03m:26s
13:03:10 Cari Cari My Grandma Says We Have No Future 02m:52s
13:00:08 Dizzy Gillespie 52nd Street Theme 03m:02s
12:59:52 Hertz 87.9 ID Rock'n'Roll Radio 00m:17s
12:55:46 Die Nerven Niemals 04m:06s
12:52:28 Fuck Art, Let's Dance Field of Our Young Believers 03m:19s
12:49:00 Einar Stray Orchestra Politricks 03m:30s
12:46:40 Nepumuk & Retrogott Gegensätze 02m:28s
12:46:38 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
12:46:14 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Playlist (Was spielst Du denn da) 00m:24s
12:42:32 Faye Webster But Not Kiss 03m:42s
12:39:47 Paula Hartmann Babyblau 02m:45s
12:39:35 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Frau Rotkohl 00m:12s
12:37:12 The Sex Organs Itch 02m:28s
12:32:49 Lampshade Because Trees Can Fly 04m:27s
12:29:31 S Club 7 Bring It All Back 03m:23s
12:29:29 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
12:25:57 Joan As Police Woman The Magic (Radio Edit) 03m:32s
12:22:48 Mina Richman Nearly To The End 03m:11s
12:22:33 Hertz 87.9 ID Das Pop 00m:15s
12:19:28 Caviare Days Speed Of Sound 03m:07s
12:15:53 Verne KEEP HOPE ALIVE 03m:40s
12:15:09 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Kunststoff 00m:44s
12:13:10 Walking Concert Audrey 02m:01s
12:10:07 Soul-Bossa-Trio Easy Bounce 03m:03s
12:07:13 David Novell Zeit Nach Der Zeit 02m:56s
12:02:30 Paul Carrack & the SWR Big Band and Strings Learning the Blues 04m:45s
12:02:21 Hertz 87.9 ID Funky Shit 00m:09s
11:58:15 Fight Doro 04m:06s
11:55:20 Akua Naru Find Yourself 02m:56s
11:55:10 Hertz 87.9 ID Robocop Kraus 00m:10s
11:52:11 Jessica Hernandez &The Deltas Caught Up 02m:59s
11:48:39 Assembly Never Never 03m:37s
11:48:08 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Mein Schuppen 00m:31s
11:44:32 Loo & Placido Face Of Violence 03m:37s
11:41:14 Tribes Medicine 03m:18s
11:38:26 Rolling Stones Shake Your Hips 02m:56s
11:38:22 Hertz 87.9 ID Cooper Temple Clause 00m:04s
11:35:53 Aze Sweet Talk 02m:29s
11:34:01 Frenzal Rhomb Instant Coffee 01m:53s
11:30:09 Junip Your Life Your Call 03m:52s
11:26:22 Royseven We Should Be Lovers 03m:51s
11:23:52 Ceeopatra, Jan Faati NEW SHEETS (ACOUSTIC VERSION) 02m:34s
11:23:42 Hertz 87.9 ID Lee Hollis 00m:10s
11:20:54 My Little Tramp Old Car (radio edit) 02m:50s
11:17:45 Love Amongst Ruin Swan Killer 03m:09s
11:17:08 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - LEtat Et Moi (Schweinehuhn) 00m:37s
11:12:42 Ratt Round and Round 04m:26s
11:08:33 Snowden Like Bullets 04m:10s
11:06:26 Tkay Maidza Silent Assassin 02m:08s
11:02:37 Louderbach Shine 03m:48s
11:02:25 Hertz 87.9 ID Tierische Musik 00m:12s
10:57:36 Nina Simone Black is the Color of My True 04m:54s
10:54:43 Final State Upside Down 02m:56s
10:54:41 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
10:52:13 Marcy Playground Pigeon Farm 02m:31s
10:48:54 Bibi Club Femme - Lady 03m:29s
10:48:52 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
10:48:40 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Tierische Musik 00m:12s
10:44:45 Asking Alexandria Psycho 03m:56s
10:41:16 Jane's Addiction Been Caught Stealing 03m:30s
10:41:08 Hertz 87.9 ID King Khan 00m:09s
10:38:45 Descendents Cool To Be You 02m:23s
10:36:04 Kaleo Sansaa Pay Mi In Cash 02m:44s
10:32:54 The Beths Watching The Credits 03m:14s
10:29:44 Black Box Revelation Bitter 03m:11s
10:27:10 Karen Méndez Ley 67 02m:34s
10:27:02 Hertz 87.9 ID Spain 00m:08s
10:23:20 Marcia Griffiths featr. Berres Focussing time 03m:46s
10:20:03 Käptn Peng Der Anfang ist nah 03m:18s
10:19:19 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Open Turntables (1) 00m:44s
10:13:44 Michael Le Grair Hustle On Down Pt. 3 (Al Kent's Edit) 05m:34s
10:10:07 One Sentence Supervisor Gold 03m:37s
10:07:13 KAPA TULT Strassenbahn 02m:54s
10:02:41 Fermin Muguruza Urrun 04m:36s
10:02:25 Hertz 87.9 ID Seachange 00m:16s
09:59:33 The Monks Johnny B. Rotten 02m:53s
09:57:33 LUANA Kaltes Wasser 02m:02s
09:57:31 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
09:03:00 Hertz 87.9 Wiederholung Hertzwissen 14.07.2023 54m:39s
08:59:41 BLVTH ARIGATO 03m:45s
08:56:35 Press Club Eugene 03m:12s
08:54:03 Why Foxes, Why? Columbine 02m:32s
08:49:44 Stereo MCs Gringo 04m:25s
08:46:20 Motorpsycho Serpentine 03m:25s
08:43:34 Disarstar, Jugglerz Lya 02m:46s
08:43:23 Hertz 87.9 ID Cecilia Ahern 00m:11s
08:39:45 Led Zeppelin Rock And Roll 03m:39s
08:35:52 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Holy Mountain 03m:54s
08:32:47 Cocoon Owls 03m:05s
08:28:18 Mr. Scruff Music Takes Me Up (Nickodemus 04m:31s
08:26:10 Tkay Maidza Silent Assassin 02m:08s
08:26:06 Hertz 87.9 ID Maximilian Hecker 00m:04s
08:22:24 Bush Flowers On A Grave 03m:44s
08:18:34 Ceramic Animal Sweet Unknown 03m:56s
08:18:16 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Ohne Werbung 00m:18s
08:14:15 Juse Ju Becoming Juse Ju 04m:03s
08:09:53 Matthew E. White Genuine Hesitation (Edit) 04m:32s
08:06:20 SebastiAn, London Grammer Dancing By Night 03m:36s
08:02:38 Free The Robots Jazzhole 03m:43s
08:02:33 Hertz 87.9 ID Washington 00m:05s
07:58:34 Burning Lizzard Welcome to The Show 03m:59s
07:55:11 Emarosa Preach 03m:26s
07:55:03 Hertz 87.9 ID Jeff Van Gelder (Virgin Records) 00m:08s
07:52:00 Nick Pride & The Pimptones Brighter Day (FabSamperi RMX) 03m:03s
07:49:20 K-TRAP OUTINGS 02m:41s
07:48:55 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Ich würd mein Kind gern in der Sendung kriegen 00m:25s
07:45:13 Faye Webster But Not Kiss 03m:42s
07:41:46 Ugly Casanova Things I Don't Remember 03m:28s
07:38:41 A.s.G.M. + Crazycuts One Take 03m:21s
07:35:24 Becca Mancari Don't Even Worry (feat. Brittany Howard) 03m:21s
07:30:48 Einstürzende Neubauten Sabrina 04m:37s
07:28:40 Denison Witmer 24 Turned 25 02m:09s
07:25:08 Athena Hersey Guzel Olaca 03m:33s
07:21:32 Paula Carolina Das Ende 03m:41s
07:19:28 Sin Fang Bous I Think I'd Thought I'd Nothin 02m:05s
07:16:25 Fatoni Clint Eastwood 03m:06s
07:13:33 Paradise LTD, Wild Culture, Tomi Saario Holding Me Up 02m:55s
07:09:46 Charles Howl The Dinner Party 03m:50s
07:07:15 Ho99o9 City Rejects 02m:32s
07:04:51 Tiffany Aris Mirror 02m:24s
07:00:32 Cable Ties Sandcastles 04m:18s
07:00:27 Hertz 87.9 ID Ash 00m:06s
06:56:27 Jungstötter Silence 04m:05s
06:53:47 Rocko Schamoni Sex, Musik und Prügeleien 02m:41s
06:50:31 Danko Jones I want you 03m:16s
06:50:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Testament (Chuck Billy) 00m:07s
06:47:17 Charlie Winston DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME 03m:08s
06:47:15 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
06:46:50 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Wir machen unser Radio selbst 00m:26s
06:42:56 Asking Alexandria Psycho 03m:56s
06:40:07 Brisa Roché Trampoline 02m:51s
06:40:04 Hertz 87.9 ID Spaceman Spiff 00m:03s
06:38:08 Frank Turner Dan's Song 01m:55s
06:34:34 Sugar Candy Mountain Tired 03m:35s
06:31:00 Euroteuro Musik (feat. Mile Me Deaf) 03m:37s
06:30:58 Hertz 87.9 Dropper Flüstern 00m:07s
06:28:27 Adult Mom Full Screen 02m:31s
06:25:57 Ceeopatra, Jan Faati NEW SHEETS (ACOUSTIC VERSION) 02m:34s
06:25:41 Hertz 87.9 ID Cosmo Baker 00m:17s
06:22:20 Adam Kesher And Then Our Thoughts Became O 03m:21s
06:18:37 We Are Little Barrie Free Salute 03m:46s
06:14:55 freekind. Same Love 03m:50s
06:10:47 R.W.W. Every Once In A While 04m:08s
06:07:54 The Singles Waited so long 02m:54s
06:04:40 Halflives Oblivion 03m:15s
06:01:01 Lyschko feat. Drangsal Fremd 03m:44s
06:00:29 Hertz 87.9 ID Privatradios anzünden 00m:32s
05:56:42 Psychic Markers Sacred Geometry 03m:56s
05:56:37 Hertz 87.9 ID Kurdt Vanderhoof 00m:05s
05:52:22 Medeski, Martin & Wood Bubblehouse 04m:15s
05:47:37 Nujabes feat. Shing02 Luv(sic) 04m:45s
05:47:07 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - Webseite (Computerfreak) 00m:30s
05:43:50 The King Blues Headbutt 03m:19s
05:40:35 Sweet Promises You Shatter 03m:16s
05:37:32 Hundreds Song For A Sailor 03m:03s
05:33:20 Choir Boy Eat The Frog 04m:13s
05:30:57 Bobby Dreamz BIG & FRANZ Flight 02m:39s
05:28:07 Beabadoobee Apple Cider 02m:56s
05:24:42 Machinedrum Only One (feat Angelica Bess) 03m:28s
05:21:25 Becca Mancari Don't Even Worry (feat. Brittany Howard) 03m:21s
05:21:21 Hertz 87.9 ID Moddi 00m:05s
05:18:00 Der Assistent Einsamkeit 03m:25s
05:15:50 The Kinks Too much monkey business 02m:13s
05:15:48 Hertz 87.9 Leere Pseudo-Datei 00m:01s
05:10:31 Wild Nothing Nocturne 05m:17s
05:06:41 David Bowie The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 03m:53s
05:03:46 David Novell Zeit Nach Der Zeit 02m:56s
05:00:20 Smile & Burn Apologies And Alibis 03m:26s
04:59:58 Hertz 87.9 ID Im Takt 00m:22s
04:52:08 Red Emprez The Race 07m:50s
04:49:37 Mr. Käfer & Adaolisa What To Do 02m:32s
04:46:23 Dray Girl (Radio Edit) 03m:16s
04:45:57 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID Die richtigen Fragen 00m:25s
04:38:12 0D-Formation, GRAZZE, Davide Randazzo Ago (Einmusik Remix) 07m:45s
04:38:06 Hertz 87.9 ID LSD on CIA 00m:06s
04:33:52 Zeromancer Bye-Bye Borderline 04m:15s
04:30:15 THE HELLFREAKS Hit Me Where It Hurts 03m:39s
04:24:51 Sweet Tempest Party In Panama (Julian Winding Remix) 05m:24s
04:20:00 Slaughter Beach, Dogs Good Ones 04m:51s
04:19:34 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Multivitamin fürs Ohr 00m:26s
04:14:57 Manu Delago Parasol Woods 04m:37s
04:12:04 Afrob Show Must Go On feat. Die P 02m:56s
04:08:54 Band of Skulls Death by diamonds and pearls 03m:11s
04:08:43 Hertz 87.9 ID Juse Ju 00m:10s
04:07:22 Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Oraculum 01m:21s
04:03:56 HAEVN Where Did You Go 03m:27s
04:00:07 The Range Five Four 03m:50s
03:59:56 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 4 Uhr Werner 00m:11s
03:54:14 Roy Ayers Reaching The Highest Pleasure 05m:44s
03:50:47 The Bronx Cordless Kids 03m:29s
03:46:59 DEGREED Big Plans 03m:48s
03:43:41 Fuck Art, Let's Dance Field of Our Young Believers 03m:19s
03:37:59 Pixie Ninja CosmiK 05m:56s
03:37:40 Hertz 87.9 ID Shaft 00m:19s
03:34:01 Hajo Faber Sendestart Live Du willst mich küssen 03m:39s
03:27:10 Goldie Inner City Life 06m:54s
03:19:40 The Angels Johnny Boy 07m:37s
03:16:08 Hercules & Love Affair Omnion 03m:39s
03:15:30 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Poesie der Strasse) 00m:38s
03:11:51 Arkells Knocking At The Door 03m:40s
03:11:48 Hertz 87.9 ID Mesh 00m:03s
03:06:49 Intwine Cookie Jar 05m:00s
03:03:38 Florian Picasso Waking Dream (Original Mix) 03m:13s
03:00:53 Yaya Bey on the pisces moon 02m:46s
03:00:47 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 3 Uhr Kuckucksuhr 00m:05s
02:58:20 The Computers Disco Sucks 02m:27s
02:58:14 Hertz 87.9 Station ID Gatwick 00m:06s
02:48:45 Robyn & Kindness Who Do You Love (Wolfgang Voigt GAS Mix) 09m:29s
02:46:10 Invisible, STRAAW Scared To Love 02m:38s
02:42:51 Dead Years able to run 03m:22s
02:37:58 SIRENIA Deadlight 04m:54s
02:35:39 Megachurch 2 Receive It 02m:19s
02:33:04 El Perro Del Mar White on White 02m:35s
02:29:03 FJORT Kontakt 04m:02s
02:26:37 Farhot Kishmish 02m:26s
02:23:11 mïus Clappp (radio edit) 03m:29s
02:19:19 Jamila & The Other Heroes YABA 03m:52s
02:18:23 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Funk, Soul und Rap) 00m:56s
02:14:27 Songs of Lemuria Seemannslied 03m:59s
02:14:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Sharron Levi 00m:03s
02:10:23 Seth Sentry Campfire 04m:02s
02:06:16 The House Samplers House Season (Extended Mix) 04m:08s
02:03:24 Altered Perceptions Archives 02m:52s
02:03:16 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 2 Uhr Night Time 00m:09s
01:58:36 Tricky Cris Favorite Feeling 05m:52s
01:58:24 Hertz 87.9 ID Herbert Feuerstein 00m:11s
01:54:09 Kamala Chronic Burden 04m:15s
01:49:25 Calibro 35 Novecento e Mille 04m:48s
01:49:10 Hertz 87.9 Teaser ID - Nicht nüchtern 00m:16s
01:43:34 Swimmingpool Driver Part2 05m:39s
01:38:38 illeist collective It Don't Mean Nothing to the Sea 04m:58s
01:34:13 Chin Chin Appetite 04m:28s
01:33:57 Hertz 87.9 StationID QWERTZ 00m:18s
01:27:14 HAAi Head Above The Parakeets 06m:50s
01:21:54 The Gap Band Burn Rubber On Me 05m:24s
01:18:37 No Decision Breathless 03m:17s
01:16:16 Whammyboy Goosebumps 02m:21s
01:11:39 Emma-Jean Thackray Our People 04m:44s
01:11:32 Hertz 87.9 ID Soulfly (Max Cavalera) 00m:07s
01:08:12 Grand Tourism feat. Terry Ca.. Les Courants d'Air 03m:25s
01:05:19 Jamaica Short And Entertaining 02m:53s
01:01:08 Billie Holiday Speak Low (Bent Remix) 04m:17s
01:00:51 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 1 Uhr Nichts zu sehen 00m:16s
00:53:57 St. Germain Rose Rouge 06m:55s
00:53:47 Hertz 87.9 ID Koljah (Antilopen Gang) Neu 00m:10s
00:51:49 James Brown Papa#s Got A Brand New Bag 02m:02s
00:47:58 Wild Beasts Hooting & Howling 03m:53s
00:47:02 Hertz 87.9 Teaser Teaser - The Breaks (Funk, Soul und Rap) 00m:56s
00:39:52 Ulver Lost In Moments 07m:10s
00:35:26 Iron and Wine Lovesong Of The Buzzard 04m:26s
00:30:42 Don Cherry Nigeria 04m:48s
00:30:39 Hertz 87.9 ID Cradle of Filth 00m:04s
00:27:28 Footprint Project Footprint Project 03m:11s
00:23:58 Fliegende Haie 334 03m:30s
00:19:53 Gary Bartz, Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad The Message 04m:08s
00:16:28 Just Friends Hella Good 03m:26s
00:08:35 Pandar Kick Ya Legs (Higher)(Original Mix) 08m:04s
00:03:56 Ghost Call Me Little Sunshine 04m:42s
00:00:07 Dave Gahan Saw Something 03m:52s
00:00:01 Hertz 87.9 Zeitansage 0 Uhr Ösi 00m:06s
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